Romeo and Juliet Summary of Scenes in Act 2

Scene 1 In this scene, Mercutio and Benvolio are making fun of Romeo for running away. They try to trick Romeo by saying the Rosaline is with them, so Romeo will come out of hiding. Eventually, they realize that Romeo wants to be left alone, so they leave. What scene is this?
Scene 2 Juliet is on her balcony confessing her love to Romeo. She thinks she is alone, but Romeo is in the bushes and hears everything. Later, Romeo jumps out of the bushes and tells her he feels the same way. After talking for a few more minutes, and kissing a few more times, Romeo decides they should get married. Juliet is skeptical at first, but eventually agrees. Romeo tells Juliet that he will send word to her the next day if Friar Laurence can marry them. What scene is this?
Scene 3 In this scene, Romeo goes to talk to Friar Lawrence to ask if he could marry Juliet and himself. Friar Lawrence asks if he has already gotten over Rosaline so fast, and Romeo says he loves Juliet. Friar Lawrence is skeptical at first, but agrees to marry the two, in hopes that the two families will end their feud. What scene is this?
Scene 4 The scene starts out with Mercutio and Benvolio talking about Tybalt’s request to duel with Romeo. Later, the Nurse comes to find Romeo and ask him if he will marry Juliet. Of course, Romeo says yes. He tells the Nurse to have Juliet meet him at Friar Lawrence’s church to be married. What scene is this?
Scene 5 In this scene, Juliet is waiting for the Nurse to return with news that she will be married to Romeo. When the nurse finally arrives, she says she is too tired to speak. Eventually, she tells Juliet that she will be getting married to Romeo. What scene is this?
Scene 6 In this scene, Romeo is waiting with Friar Lawrence for Juliet to come. When she finally arrives, she tells Romeo how much she loves him, and Friar Lawrence says he will marry them quickly. What scene is this?