romeo and Juliet study guide

Chorus The chorus is the voice in the Prologue that gives us the background for the play.
where does the story take place Verona, Italy is where the story mainly takes place.
what does paris ask lord capulet Paris asks Lord Capulet if he may marry Juliet.
how does juliet feel when paris asks her to marry him When Lady Capulet first tells Juliet of the plans to marry Paris, Juliet feels happy to marry a rich, powerful man.
how does romeo and his friends escape detection at the party Romeo and his friends escape detection at the party because they are wearing masks.
what does juliet find out about romeo Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague.
WHAT DOES ROMEO FIND OUT? Romeo finds out that Juliet is Capulet.
what does Juliet say when she finds out romeo is a montague When Juliet finds out about Romeo’s last name, she says “My only love sprung from my only hate!”
what are the capulets doing? The Capulets are throwing a huge feast.
what does tybalt ask his uncle Tybalt asks his uncle to kick Romeo out of the party.
why is romeo so sad Rosaline broke Romeo’s heart at the beginning of the play.
what does the prince tell the fighters? The Prince tells the fighters, “If you ever disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace.”
what does romeo compare juliet to? When Romeo meets Juliet for the first time, he compares her to a jewel in an Ethiope’s ear.
what speech does mercutio give roemo? Mercutio gives Romeo the “Queen Mab” speech.
who is tybalt Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin.
what is Juliet complaining about? In the famous “balcony” scene, when Juliet says “Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” (Act II, Sc. 2, line 33), she is asking, “Why are you Romeo, a Montague?”
why does romeo hate his name Romeo hates his own name because his “name” is Juliet’s enemy.
when do romeo and juliet start to plan a wedding Romeo and Juliet plan to get married the day after they first meet.
who is friar lawrence to romeo? Friar Lawrence is Romeo’s spiritual advisor.
why does the friar agree to marry roemo and juliet The Friar finally agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because he believes it will bring the families together again.
who is the only one that knows they are married The Nurse is the only member of the Capulet household who is aware of the marriage and assisting with it.
why does friar lawrence fear marrying them? Friar Lawrence fears marrying Romeo and Juliet because he may get in trouble with the two families and he thinks they are not truly in love.
who said this? “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.”
capulets JulietTybaltNurseJuliet’s fatherJuliet’s mother
montagues RomeoBenvolioRomeo’s fatherRomeo’s mother
others Prince EscalusMercutioFriar LawrenceParis
what does tybalt want to do in act 3 In Act III, Tybalt wants to fight Romeo.
why does romeo fight tybalt Romeo finally fights Tybalt person in order to avenge Mercutio’s death.
when do tybalt and mercutio die? Tybalt and Mercutio die in this Act III.
what makes juliet believe romeo is dead The nurse’s description of the fight leads Juliet to believe that Romeo is dead.
what does lady capulet think will help juliet Lady Capulet thinks her threat to send someone to poison Romeo will comfort Juliet.
what does capulet do to get juliet to marry parris Capulet threatens Juliet in an attempt to get her to agree to marry Paris.
why doesnt juliet trust the nurse anymore? Juliet tells the Nurse that her advice about marrying Paris has comforted her because she no longer trusts the Nurse with her secrets.
whats a example of soliloquy A soliloquy is a speech during which a character “thinks aloud” while alone on stage. Juliet’s speech as she awaits Romeo in Act III is an example of a soliloquy.
what are the turning parts of the play The following would be considered turning points for the play: 1) Romeo, Tybalt and Mercutio’s fight, 2) Romeo killing Tybalt, 3) Romeo’s banishment.
what can we compare the birds too? We can compare the birds that Juliet hears after her night with Romeo to an alarm clock.
why do juliets parents think shes sad? Juliet’s parents think she is sad because e of Tybalt’s death.
what does capulet threaten to do if she doesnt marry parris Lord Capulet threatens to disown her if Juliet does not agree to marry Paris.
wgat does capulet plan to surprise juliet with? Lord Capulet plans to surprise Juliet with a marriage to Paris
where does romeo go when he is banished? Romeo goes to Mantua after his banishment.
who does juliet see whenshe goes to see friar Juliet sees Paris when she goes to Friar Lawrence’s cell.
what mood is juliet in when she asks friar lawrence for advice Juliet’s mood when she asks for Friar Lawrence’s advice is desperate.
what is friars main point? The main point of Friar Lawrence’s plan is to end the Capulet-Montague feud.
whats juliets fear abput the potion Before she drinks the potion, Juliet fears that it will not work at all, it will actually kill her, or that she will wake up early and be driven insane.
what step does juliet do? Juliet accomplishes the first step of the Friar’s plan when she tells her father that she will marry Paris.
who is the first person to find out about the potion The Nurse is the first to find Juliet after she has taken the potion.
when does capulet announce the wedding will be? Lord Capulet announces that the wedding will be Thursday.
what do people think at the end of act 6 At the end of Act IV everyone thinks Juliet is dead.
what is romeos servants name? Romeo’s servant’s name is Balthasar.
what does balthasar tell romeo? Balthasar brings news to Romeo in Mantua that Juliet is dead.
what is an apothecary? An apothecary is someone who makes and sells drugs using natural elements.
where does romeo buy the potion from? Romeo buys poison from the Apothecary.
what was friar johnsupposed to do but failed? Friar John was supposed to deliver the letter to Romeo, but failed.
when a actor When an actor is speaking ‘aside,’ he or she says speaks the line to the audience only.
what happens usually to people that sells deadly drugs in mantua Usually when someone sells deadly drugs in Mantua, he is put to death.
who is at juliets tomb when romeo gets there? Paris is at Juliet’s tomb when Romeo arrives there.
what does romeo give to balthasar to guve to lord montague? Romeo gives Balthasar a suicide letter to give to Lord Montague.
why does romeo tell bathasar he is going to juliets tomb Romeo tells Balthasar he is going into the tomb to get a ring from Juliet’s finger and look at Juliet’s face one last time.
who dies in the capulets tomb Paris, Romeo, and Juliet die in the Capulet’s tomb.
what is paris’s last request Paris’s last request is to be buried next to Juliet.
what does juliet do with romeos knife? Juliet stabs herself with Romeo’s knife.
what does paris think romeo is going to do? Paris thinks that Romeo is going to do something to the bodies in the Capulet’s tomb.
why are romeo and juliet star crossed lovers? Romeo and Juliet are called star-crossed lovers because it is their fate that they should not be together.Romeo and Juliet are “star-crossed lovers” their families have always hated each other, Romeo kills Tybalt and then is banished, and the letter that should have been delivered couldn’t because of a quarantine.
what does lord montague tell lord capulate he will do in honor of juliet? Lord Montague tells Lord Capulet he will put up a golden statue in honor of Juliet.
what happens at the end of the play In the end of the play, the Capulets and the Montagues reunite and become friends again.
who was romeo and juliet written by? Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare.
Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy.
what does the friar tell romeo The Friar tells Romeo that he loves with his eyes.
whats the last line of the play The last line of Romeo and Juliet says, “For never was a story of more woe/Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”
what are the themes of romeo and juliet? Love, hate, and love versus lust can be considered themes of Romeo and Juliet.
A better ending for Romeo and Juliet could have been caused by a change in the following events: 1) If the Capulets and Montagues got along the whole time2) If Romeo would have never killed Tybalt. 3) If Friar Lawrence delivered the letter to Romeo as he should have.
The following events of the play are listed in chronological order: 1) Romeo’s heart is broken by Rosaline.2) Juliet’s family gives a feast.3) Romeo and Juliet meet.4) Romeo and Juliet marry.5) Romeo kills Tybalt.6) Romeo is banished.7) Juliet’s Father threatens to disown Juliet if she does not marry Paris.8) Juliet fakes her death.9) Romeo buys a poison.10) Juliet stabs herself.