Romeo and Juliet scene summaries act 1-5

1.1 a street fight breaks out between the montagues and the capulets, which is broken up by the ruler of Verona, Prince Escalus. He threatens the montagues and capulets with death if they fight again.
1.2 in conversation with capulet, count paris declares his wish to marry Juliet. Capulet invites him to a party that night. capulet gives a servant the guest list for the party and orders him off to issue invitations. The servant cannot read the list and asks for help from romeo and Benvolio. when they find out that rosaline, on whom romeo dotes, is invited to the party, they decide to go too
1.3 lady capulet informs juliet of paris’s marriage proposal and praises him extravagantly. Juliet says that she has not even dreamed of marrying, but that she will consider paris as a possible husband if her parents wish her to.
1.4 romeo and benvolio are going to the capulets party with their friend mercutio and others, wearing the disguises customarily donned my maskers. romeo is anxious because of an ominous dream. mercutio mocks him with a speech about a dream giving queen of faires
1.5 capulet wlcomes the disguised romeo and his friends, romeo, watching the dance, is caught by teh beauty of juliet. overhearing romeo ask about her, tybalt recognizes romeo’s voice and is enrages at romeo’s intrusion. romeo then meets juliet, and they hall in love, not until they are separated do they dicover they belong to enemy houses
2.1 Romeo finds himself so in love with Juliet that he cannot leave her. He scales a wall and enters capulet’s garden. Meanwhile Benvolio and Mercutio look for him in vain
2.2 from capulet’s garden Romeo overhears Juliet express her ove for him. When he answers her, they acknowedge their love and dtheir desire to be married
2.3 determined to marry juliet, promeo hurries to friar lawrence. The friar arees to marry them, expressing ther hope that the marriage may end the feud between their families
2.4 Mercutio and benvolio meet the newly enthusiastic romeo in the street. romeo defeats mercutio in a battle of wits. The nurse finds romeo, and he gives her a message for Juliet:meet me at Friar Lawrence’s cell this afternoon, and we weill there be married
2.5 juliet waits impationtly for the nurse to return, her impatience grows whent he nurse returns but is slow to deliver romeo’s message. finally juliet learns that if she wants to marry romeo, she need only go to friar lawrence cel that afternoon
2.6 Juliet meets Romeo at Friar awrence’s cell. after expressing their mutual love, they exit with the friar to be married
3.1 mercutio and benvolio encounter tybalt on the street. as soon as romeo arrives, tybalt tries to provoke him to fight. when romeo refuses, mercutio answers tybalts challenge. They duel and mercutio is fatally wounded. Romeo then avenges mercutio;s death b killing tybalt in a duel. Benvolio tries to persuade the Prince to escuse Romeo’s slaying of tybalt; however, the capulets demand that romeo pay with his life; the prince instead banishses romeo from verona.
3.2 juliet longs for romeo to come to her. The nurse arrives with the news that romeo has kiled tybalt and has been banished. juliet at first feels grief for the loss of her cousin tybalt and verbally attacks romeo, but then renounces these feeing and devotes herself to grief fro romeo’s banishment. The nurse promises to bring romeo to juliet that night.
3.3 friar awrence tells romeo that his unishment for kiling tybat is banishment, not death. Romeo responds that death is preferable to banishment from Juliet. when the nurse enters and tells romeo that juliet is grief-stricken, romeo attempts suicide. friar lawrence then says that romeo may spend the night with juliet and leave for exile the mantua the next morning. The friar promises that balthasar will bring romeo news of verona and suggests that romwo an expect in time that the prince may relent and allow him to return to verona
3.4 paris again approaches capulet abot arrying juiet. Capulet, saying that juliet will do as she is tole, promises paris that she will marry him in three days
3.5 romwo and juliet seperate at the first light of day. just after romeo has descended from juliet;s room, her mother comes to announce that juliet must marry paris. when juiet refusesm her father becomes enraged and vows to put her out on the streets if she will not accept Paris as her husband. the nurse recommends taht juliet forget the banished romeo and regard paris as a more desirable husband. Juliet is secretly outraged at the nurse’s advice and decides to seek friar lawrence’s help
4.1 Paris is talking with the friar awrence about the coming wedding when juliet arrives. after paris leaves, she threatens suicide if friar lawrence cannot save her from marrying Paris. Friar lawrence gives her a potion that will make her appear as if dead the morning of the wedding. He assures her that when she awakes in the vault, Romeo will be there to take her away
4.2 capuet energetically directs preparations for juliets wedding. when she returns fro friar lawrence and pretends to ahve learned obedience, capulet is so delighted that he moves the weddin up to the next day and goes off to tell parris the new date
4.3 juliet sends the nurse away for the night. after facing her terror at the prospect of awaking in her familys burial vault, juliet drinks the potion that friar lawrence has given her
4.4 capulets and the nurse stay up all night to get ready fot eh wedding. capuet, hearing paris apprack with musicians, orders the nurse to awaken juiet
4.5 the nurse finds juiet in the deathlike trace caused by the friar’s potion and announces juiets death. juiets parents and paris join the nurse in amentation. friar lawrence interrupts them and begins to arrange juiet’s funeral. the scene closes with an exchange of wordpay between capuet’s servant peter and paris’s musicians
5.1 romeo’s man bathasar, arrives in mantua with news of juliet’s death. romeo sends him to hire horses for their immediate return to verona. Romeo then buys poison so that he can join juliet in death in the capulet;s buria vault
5.2 friar john enters, bringing with him the letter that he was to have deivered to romeo. he tells why he was unable to deliver the letter. Friar lawrence anxiously goes to the tomb to be there when juliet comes out of her trance
5.3 Paris visits juliet’s tomb, and when romeo arrives, challenges him. romeo and paris fight and paris is killed. romeo then takes poison, dying as he kisses juliet. As friar lawrence enters the tomb, juliet awakes to find romeo lying dead. frightened by a noise, the friar flees the tomb. Juliet kills herself with romeo dagger. alerted by paris’s page, the watch arrives and finds the bodies. then the prince, the capulets, and montague arrive. friar lawrence gives an account of the marriage of romeo and juliet, whose deaths lead montague and capulet to declare that their hostility is at an end.