Romeo and Juliet Scavenger Hunt p 1

Why is Shakespeare called “enigmatic”? He does not tell us which plays he wrote alone, on which plays he collaborated with other playwrights, or which versions of his plays to read and perform. He forces us to look to historical references to uncover the true-life great dramatist. Simply, William Shakespeare is difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.
What is the author’s reaction to “the authorship Question”? As Hamlet said, “The play’s the thing!” This quote means the it doesn’t matter who wrote the plays. The authors reaction to “the authorship question” is that it is secondary who wrote the actual plays, whether it was Shakespeare or not, to the recognition that the plays exist and continue to educate, enlighten, and entertain us.
Define “anti-Stratfordian” Ant-Stratfordians are modern scholars who question the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays. They argue that William Shakespeare either never existed or, if he did exist, did not write the plays we attribute to him. They believe that another historical figure, such as Francis Bacon or Queen Elizabeth I, used the name as a cover.