Romeo and Juliet Review Game

Who convinces Romeo to go to the party? 100 pts Benvelio
Who speaks first in the first fight in the street in the play? 300 pts Abram
What does the prince threaten to do with people caught fighting? 100 pts Kill them
Who is Romeo in love with at the beginning? 100 pts Rosaline
Who keeps meeting Romeo in his dreams, according to Mercutio? 300 pts Queen Mab
Where does Romeo meet Juliet? 100 pts The Capulet’s feast
What is the nurse’s objection to Juliet marrying so quickly? 150 pts She is too young
What does Lord Capulet call Tybalt when he tries to get rid of Romeo at the party? 200 pts A saucy boy
What is Romeo’s problem with Juliet? 100 pts She is a Capulet
How many lines are spoken between Romeo and Juliet in Act 1? 200 pts 14