Macbeth Act 3

Does Banquo wish for his prophecy to come true to since Macbeth’s has? (scene 1) No, because the witches scare him
Who is Macbeth’s chief guest? (scene 1) Banquo, this foreshadows his death
Who does Macbeth blame for Duncan’s death? (scene 1) Malcom and Donalbain
What does Macbeth compare the murderers to? (scene 1) dogs
Is Lady Macbeth happy at the order for Banquo’s death? (scene 1) no
“upoun my hand they place a fruitless womb and put a barren spetre in my grip” (scene 3, line 66-67) Macbeth is king, but he will not have a son to continue his line; king without heir easy to overthrow
When did the exiting portion happen, the beginning of the rising action? prophecy
Is killing Duncan the climax? No, it’s the rising action
What rises with the rising action? Macbeth’s paranoia
What is the murderer’s relationship with Banquo? (scene 3) Banquo did not do right by them (Macbeth says he isn’t the one who did it), the murderers are peasants desperate for money because of famine (that would actually be Macbeth’s fault, he’s blaming all those problems on Banquo)
Why can’t Macbeth kill Banquo? (scene 3) Because they are friends
What did Macbeth tell the murderers about Fleance? That it would be good if they killed him too
If Banquo had his throat cut, what happened to Fleance? (scene 4) escaped
What is sit in Macbeth’s seat? (scene 4) Banquo’s ghost
What does Macbeth say to Banquo? (scene 4) to not speak of the murders and that he is not solid and not real
How does Lady Macbeth deal with Macbeth’s hallucinations? (scene 4) He tells the Lords that he is crazy
Has Macbeth slept recently? (scene 4) no
What does Hecate tell the witches? (scene 5) that they should have involved her in their plots as she is the source of all their power and Macbeth is unworthy. She sends them to meet Macbeth once more.
What is Macduff doing? (scene 6) He went to Northumberland to ask Lord Siward (as Malcom asked the English King Edward) for help with the throne. He will not return to Scotland even after being asked by Macbeth messanger and Macbeth thinks anger
What do the Lords think of macbeth (scene 6)? Tyrant, not rightful king like Malcom
What is the climax of the play? Banquo’s death
What does the killing of Banquo do to Macbeth’s paranoia? makes it worse
What happens directly after the climax? the tragic force (start of falling action); Fleance’s escape
Why was the third murderer there? (Act 3) He was a spy, someone there sent to make sure Fleance (10 to 8 yrso) lives
Do the first two murderers know the third? (Act 3) No, the third says Macbeth sent him
Why do we see Banquo killed but not Duncan? Macbeth didn’t want to murder Duncan so it is shielded from the story, but he actually did want to kill Banquo. It was an increase in brutatlity (bc we hit the climax).
Why does Macbeth not tell Lady Macbeth about Banquo’s death? (scene 2) He doesn’t feel the need to discuss things with his wife anymore; they switched roles
It is safer to be that which we destroy/then by satisfaction dwell in doubtful joy Would rather be safe than sorry; they got what they desired, but she would rather be what they used to be than doubt what they have done
What is Lady Macbeth worried about when she tells Macbeth that he is “spending too much time alone…..what’s done is done” (scene 2)? How does Macbeth respond? she tells him to stop worrying about the killing of Duncan. He says they “scorched the snake, not killed it” by killing Duncan, but they haven’t gotten rid of the rest of the prophecy
In scene 2 which Macbeth would rather be dead? LM would rather be dead than suffer the continued torture of living, M says that even though it would be more peaceful to be dead (no torture of fear of being found), they still have a job to finish
What does Macbeth mean when he refers to Lady Macbeth of a Chuck? It’s an endearment
What does Macbeth being pale symbolize? (scene 3) His great stress/paranoia, not guilt
Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill (scene 3) Domino effect; once something starts out bad (prophecy), it keeps getting worse (he’s choosing to kill more). He’s talking about Banquo and betrayal. He needs to apply it to himself. He says Banquo is the illness making everything getting worse and worse, so he has to kill him to stop the pain.
Who is loyal to Macbeth right now? (scene 4) Ross and Lennox
Why does Macbeth compare himself to marble? (scene 4) ESSAY WARNING When he thought Banquo and Fleance were dead he felt invincible like a marble statue, but now he knows Fleance is alive he feels imprisoned. The triple C alliteration sounds like choking (pg. 101)
What does Macbeth compare Fleance to? (scene 4) A worm who has “no teeth” for the present or he is not old enough to be a threat
Why does Macbeth say he wants Banquo to show up? What does Ross say on this? (scene 4) He wants to be clean of his crimes and Ross says that Banquo is suspious because he was on a journey Macbeth told him to return from.
What does Macbeth say when Ross asks him to sit down? (scene 4) He says the table’s full because Banquo’s ghost
How does Macbeth respond to LM’s emasculation? (scene 4) What’s point of killing if people just come back, it’s too much
Why does the ghost disapear and come back? (scene 4) Becuase he’s taunting Macbeth
Scene 6 – Lennox gives sarcastic rant saying how Macbeth planned it all (Lennox on Macduff’s side)- Macduff is working to help Malcom overthrow Macbeth and right his name