Romeo and Juliet prologue + Act 1

prologue Introduction portion of certain books
In the prologue, shakespeare tells his audience what they are to expect in the play. Why do you suppose Shakespeare chooses to use this technique? He try to make it more enthusiastic, it would make it more exciting and it makes the audience more curious.
What does the term “star cross’d lovers” suggest? It means that they are meant for each other, their stars crossed and they fell in love; something bad will happen
Do u think this prologue is necessary or unnecessary? Now a day’s it’s not necessary but back then it was, but now we can just look on the back of the book.
What were Sampson and Gregory discussing in the first eleven lines of this scene? They are talking about the Montague’s
Y is the prince angry? What is the promise and threat that he makes? for fighting in his town, he’s going to punish them.
Y did Romeo miss the fight? What is the problem that he describes to Benvolio He took a walk, he’s upset, the problem is his love (not Juliet)
What does Benvolio suggest that Romeo do? He suggests that Romeo look at other girls
The entire dialogue between Benvolio and Romeo seems to rhyme. what form is used? End Rhyme, Couplets
What literary terms are illustrated here: love is a smoke raises with fume of sighs; Being purg’d, a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes; being vex’d, a sea nourished with lovers’ tears:…” Iambic pentameter, metaphor, hyperbole, enstocked, ellipse, Allusion, Anaphora, parallelism.
Scene 2: What does Paris ask of Lord Capulet? If he can marry her.
What is Capulet’s response? “My daughter hasn’t done that so give her 2 summers.”
What does Benvolio continue to suggest to Romeo as a way to get over his lost love? Give specific examples from the text. he needs to look at other girls.
“Take thou same new injection to thy eye, and the rank poison of the old will die.” interpret these lines. What does the poison foreshadow? look for new opportunities and girls, and your old sad thoughts will go away. It foreshadows how he poisons himself.
Juliet will turn 14 on Lammas-eve, what is the lemmas-tide the women speak of? It is a fort night and odd days. “A Havest feast during the fall Aug. 1, first ripe grains were blessed by the priest, July 31st is her birthday.
Y does Romeo say he is unable to dance? He has a soul of lead which holds him down. He’s still sad.
How do the Montague’s expect to be able to enter a Capulet house without being recognized? wearing masks, masquerade.
What does Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech reveal about his character? That he is a lier, and he lied about that dream, exadurates a lot.
What is Romeo’s misgiving and what does the line “some consequence, yet hanging in the stars” have to do with his feeling of dread? Discuss the theme this quote illustrates? She is a Capulet and he’s a Montegue; Because they are destined and fate, but they can’t be together because they are different, theme is acceptance.
Romeo asks a servingman who Juliet is. Quote what Romeo says to describe the girl. act 1 scene 5 lines 46-55, summary= love at first sight
What is Tybalt’s reaction when he hears Romeo’s voice? He is surprised, mad because the Montagues are there.
What does Lord Capulet say to Tybalt in reference to Romeo’s attendance at the party? He told him to leave him alone because he is doing no harm. Veronica says he is a well covered youth.
Romeo and Juliet have a conversation and then kiss. How does the audience know that Juliet feels as strongly about Romeo as he does for her? She tells the Nurse that she loves an enemy.

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