Romeo And Juliet information

Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? he wanted to end the feud between famillies
“If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking and you beat love down.” Mercutio
“And for that offense immediately we do exile him hence.” Prince
“Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” Friar Laurence
“A plague a’ both your houses!” Mercutio
“From forth the fatal loins of these two foes a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.” Chorus
“Was ever book containing such vile matter so fairly bound? O, that deceit should dwell in such a gorgeous place!” Juliet
“There violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder.” Friar Laurence
“by giving liberty unto thine eyes, examine other beauties.” Benvolio
“Now old desire doth in his deathbed lie, and young affection gapes to be his heir.” Chorus
“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Prince
“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?… Juliet
“O brother Montague, give me thy hand. This is my daughter’s jointure, for no more can i demand.” Capulet
“Hold, daughter. I do spy a kind of hope, which craves as desperate and execution as that is desperate which we would prevent.” Friar Laurence
“Then hie you to Friar Laurence’ cell; there stays a husband to make you a wife.” Nurse
“I will kiss thy lips. Haply some poison yet doth hand on them to make me die with restorative.” Juliet
“But I, a maid, die maiden-widowed. come, cords; come, nurse. I’ll to my wedding bed; and death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead.” Juliet
“There lies the man, slain by young Romeo, that slew thy kinsman, brave Mercutio.” Benvolio
“But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart; my will to her consent is but a part.” Lord Capulet
“My only love sprung from my only hate!……” Juliet
Relative of the Prince, good friend of Romeo’s, killed by Tybalt Mercutio
Juliet’s mommy Lady Capulet
Relative of the Prince, wants to marry Juliet, she is not interested in him, dies while visiting her resting place Paris
Juliet’s hot-headed cousin, is killed in anger by Romeo Tybalt
Nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo Benvolio
Romeo’s lover, Lady and Lord Capulet’s daughter, drinks the “poison” and in a coma for 48 hours, commits suicide Juliet
Romeo’s mommy, dies in the end because of his sudden death Lady Montague
Juliet’s lover, Lord and Lady Montague’s son, Best friend of Mercutio, killed Tybalt, exiled from Veronna, drinks poison and dies Romeo
ruler of Verona Prince Escalus
Plays a big role in Romeo and Juliet’s death, gives Juliet the potion that causes her to be in a coma for 48 hours, Friar Laurence
Franciscan priest Friar John
a druggist apothecary
Complete this: Benvolio recounts the events of the “fray” to the prince and other citizens of Verona. He says, “And twixt them rushes; underneath whose arm/ An envious thrust from ____________ hit the life/ Of stout ________.” Tybalt, Mercutio
A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talk to himself or herself or reveals that his or her thought without addressing a listener Soliloqouy
a line spoken by an actor to the audience but not intended for others on the stage Aside
a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor Monologue
A humorous scene or speech intended to lighten the mood Comic Relief
a principal idea, feature, theme, or element; a repeated or dominant figure in a design Motif
the use of hints and clues to suggest what will happen later in a plot Foreshadowing
Two unlike things being compared without using ‘like’ or ‘as’ Metaphor
A serious form of drama dealing with the downfall of a heroic or noble character Tragedy
What is the extended metaphor that Romeo and Juliet use to describe their first kiss? Pilgrims going to a holy place. They often carried palm leaves to show they had been to the Holy Land. “My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.” “Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, which mannerly devotion shows in this….
Where did Shakespeare get the names for the following characters: Benvolio, Tybalt, Mercutio Mercutio is named for the chemical element mercury, which itself is named for the Roman god Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Benvolio’s name comes from the same Latin words as adjective benevolent. Tybalt is named for a cat that is known for its slyness in the fable “Reynard the Fox.”
Why do the Capulets and the Montagues hate each other? the reason is because of their ancestors feuding it has just became a family tradition
How long does the action in the play take? Two hours’ business
Why didn’t Romeo ever receive Friar Laurence’s message in Act V? Friar John, who was sent with the letter, was quarantined while visiting the sick and was unable to make it all the way to Mantua.
What are the three types of plays Shakespeare wrote? Tragedy, comedy, history
Who was the Queen during Shakespeare’s time and why was she important for Shakespeare? Queen Elizabeth
What is the theater where many Shakespearean plays were performed? The Globe theater
Where did Shakespeare get the idea for the plot of Romeo and Juliet? A long narrative poem by Arthur Brooke.
What is prose writing? Spoken by the common people, and sometimes by Mercutio when he is joking around
What’s an iamb? An unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
what’s the climax of the play? When Romeo stabs Tybalt
Where was Shakespeare born? England
What is the setting of the play? Verona, Italy
Who is Rosaline? Romeo’s lover at the beginning of the play
“did my heart love till now? Foreswear it, sight!For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” Romeo