Romeo and Juliet English Exam

Capulet head of household; at feud with Montagues
Lady Capulet wife of Capulet
Juliet only living daughter of Capulet; in love with Romeo; commits suicide
Tybalt Lady Capulet’s nephew; quick to turn to violence; kills Mercutio in duel; killed by Romeo
Sampson servant for Capulets; bites thumb at Montagues in beginning of play
Gregory Servant for Capulets
Nurse servant and friend to Juliet; taken care of her whole life; like a mother
Peter servant to the Nurse
Montague head of house; in feud with Capulet
Lady Montague wife of Montague
Romeo son of Montague; in love with Juliet; friends with Benvolio and Mercutio; kills Tybalt
Benvolio Montague’s nephew; Romeo’s friend; name means “good will;” tries to discourage fighting
Abraham Montague’s servant
Balthasar Romeo’s servant
Prince Escalus prince of Verona; tries to discourage fighting; issues ultimatum: next fight, those who start it will be killed if not in fight, by him
Paris related to prince; set to marry Juliet; killed by Romeo at entrance to Capulet family vault
Mercutio friend of Romeo; related to prince; killed in duel with Tybalt
Friar Laurence local priest in Verona; marries Juliet and Romeo; gives Juliet potion