Macbeth Act 2 Review

Why did King Duncan give Lady Macbeth a diamond? Visitors staying as guests in other people houses were expected to give them a gift in the form of a thank you.
Banquo is exhausted from the day’s battles, yet he cannot fall asleep. What keeps him from sleeping? Banquo’s sleep has been interrupted by horrible thoughts and visions of the three witches.
Banquo mentions the three witches to Macbeth; what is his reply? Macbeth claims he doesn’t think of them anymore. (As if!)
What fearful vision does Macbeth see after parting from Banquo? A bloody dagger leading him towards the room where King Duncan is sleeping.
What does Macbeth ask of the earth he walks upon toward King Duncan’s chambers? “… earth, don’t hear my steps or which way they walk, for I fear that even your stones might tell where I am, breaking the horrible silence that suits this moment well.”
Why doesn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan when she has the chance? The sleeping Duncan looks like her own father, so she can’t kill him.
What does Macbeth call “a miserable sight?” His own bloody hands.
Lady Macbeth warns Macbeth not to think so seriously about what they have done else they will ….? Go insane.
Macbeth thought he heard a voice cry, “Sleep no more! The Thane of Glamis has murdered sleep.” What does this mean? Macbeth’s guilt will keep him from sleeping peacefully ever again. The healing sleep of the innocent is no longer available to him.
Why does Lady Macbeth return to Duncan’s room after his murder? Macbeth forgets to leave the bloody daggers with the guards, but he also refuses to return to the scene. Lady Macbeth must do this for him.
Name four strange events that took place during the night King Duncan was murdered. 1. Wind blew down Chimneys2. Weeping was heard in the air3. Death-screams and frightening voices filled the night4. The owl hooted all night long5. The earth quaked
Why did Elizabethans believe these things happened? God’s plan was pictured as a chain or ladder, or the “Great Chain of Being,” so that even the smallest insect was linked to God.
Why does Macduff call Duncan’s death a “godless murder?” Since the King is God’s representative, Macbeth has committed a crime against God.
What reason does Macbeth give for killing the two guards? Macbeth says his love for Duncan overcame his reason, thus causing him to kill the guards.
Where does Malcolm leave for after he learns of his father’s murder? England
Where does Donnalbain go after he learns of his father’s murder? Ireland
Why do they feel it is not smart for them to stay? They think their lives may also be in danger since they are next in line for the throne.
Who does Macduff thinks paid off the guards to kill King Duncan? Macduff suspects the King’s sons Malcolm and Donnalbain are responsible for the murder.
Who will be king now that Duncan’s sons have fled? Macbeth
According to Macduff, how will the rule of the new King compare to Duncan’s? Macduff fears Macbeth will not be as good a ruler as Duncan.
How does Lady Macbeth alert Macbeth that the guards have fallen asleep? Rings a bell
What did one of the guards yell in his sleep? “Murder!”
What word could Macbeth no longer say after the murder? Amen
What does the Porter hear prior to answering the door? Knocking
Who finds Duncan’s dead body? Macduff
What animals ate each other the night of the murder? Horses
According to the Porter, what does drinking alcohol do to you? Makes your nose red, makes you sleepy, and makes you urinate
Where does Macbeth go to be crowned King? Scone
How did Lady Macbeth know to ring a bell once the servants drank their drinks and had fallen asleep? Macbeth told their servant to tell her to ring the bell once the drinks were ready.
Who killed Duncan’s guards? Macbeth
How does Lennox describe the night when he arrives in the wee hours of the morning? Chaotic–many things were happening
Who is in charge of the Gates of Hell at Inverness? The Porter
“The wine of life has been poured out, and only the ____________ remain.” dregs–the bad–the last
What was the “Filthy Witness” Lady Macbeth told Macbeth to get rid of? She told him to wash off Duncan’s blood from his hands.
How late were the guests up drinking the night King Duncan was killed? 3:00 AM
What instrument is used to wake up everyone after Duncan’s body was discovered? A trumpet
Who is knocking at the gate? Macduff and Lennox
What were the three men’s jobs the Porter talked about at the Gates of Hell? A farmer, a con man, and an English tailor
Who says, “Dead and sleeping people can’t hurt you anymore than pictures can?” Lady Macbeth
What evidence supports the thought that Duncan’s guards killed him? The bloody daggers of the guards were with them and their clothes were covered in blood.
What does Macbeth ask Banquo to do at the beginning of Act II? To support him in fulfilling the prophesis of the witches.
Why does Lady Macbeth faint? 1. She may be truly shocked that Macbeth went ahead and killed two more people since they never discussed killing the guards.2. She may be faking it to throw off suspicion.
Why does Macbeth have such great anxiety about killing Duncan when he had no problem killing men in battle such as when he ripped Macdonwald in half with his sword? Being a noble warrior is one thing; killing a king is completely different. It goes against the natural order of the universe.
What does Macbeth wish the knocking at the gate could do? Wake Duncan from death.
Who says, “God’s benison go with you and with those that would make good of bad, and friends of foes.” The Old Man.
Macbeth says the dead King’s wounds looked like “an opening in the world to let in wasteful destruction.” What does he mean by this? The King’s murder was an act against God and God’s natural order and is bound to bring disaster.