Romeo and Juliet: days of the week

Sunday Street fight between servants, causes Prince Escalus tells them if there is another fight between the Capulets and the Montagues, they will have to pay with their lives.
Sunday The Capulets host a party. The Montague men end up going because Romeo found out that Rosaline (girl who Romeo used to be in love with) was going to attend.
Sunday At the Capulet’s party, Romeo and Juliet meet and they think it it love at first sight.
Sunday Juliet exclaims her love for Romeo in a soliloquy, and when ha arrives and is listening, it is a monologue. Romeo and Juliet believe that fate brought them together and they plan to get married, the next day.
Monday Romeo talks to Friar Lawrence about Juliet and asks if he would marry them.
Monday Juliet sends the nurse to plan a time for her and Romeo to get married.
Monday Romeo and Juliet arrive at the church and get married. Friar Lawrence has to marry them quickly, because he is worried about them keeping their relationship “Holy”.
Monday Tybalt was mad about Romeo being at the Capulet’s party, so he challenged Romeo to a fight, in which Romeo declined.
Monday Mercuttio stood up for Romeo, and starts to fight Tybalt. Romeo tries to break them up, and Tybalt stabs Mercuttio from under Romeo’s arm. The stab killed Mercuttio.
Monday Tybalt returns to Romeo after Mercuttio’s death, and out of rage, Romeo fights him. Romeo ends up killing Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin.
Monday Because of the murder of Tybalt, Romeo is banished from Verona, and must live in Mantua. Juliet and Romeo are devastated, and threaten to kill themselves several times.
Monday Paris insists on marrying Juliet, Lord Capulet agrees and they schedule the wedding for Thursday. He says that his daughter will be obedient and do as he says.
Monday Lord and Lady Capulet talk to Juliet about her arranged marriage to Paris and she says she won’t do it. Lord Capulet became furious at Juliet and threatened to kick her out if she disobeyed him.
Monday Romeo and Juliet spend the night together, and it is the last time they see each other before Romeo has to leave.
Tuesday Juliet tells her parents that she is going to Friar Lawrence to repent her sins, from being disobedient to her parents. Lord Capulet then changes the day of the wedding to Wednesday.
Tuesday Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence’s cell to come up with another plan with him. Friar tells Juliet that he has a sleeping potion that will make her appear dead for 42 hours. She will wake up in the Capulet monument and Romeo will be there.
Tuesday Juliet goes along with the Friar’s plan and drinks the potion.
Wednesday Lord and Lady Capulet are getting ready for the wedding and they send the nurse up to wake Juliet. The nurse is the first one to discover that Juliet is dead.
Wednesday Balthazar goes to Mantua and tells Romeo that Juliet is dead, and Romeo is going to hill himself. He buys poison from a poor apothecary and is going to drink it and die beside Juliet.
Thursday Romeo goes to the Capulet monument where Paris is mourning Juliet. Paris thinks that Romeo is there to mess up the graves. Paris starts to fight Romeo and Paris dies.
Thursday Romeo drinks the poison and kills himself, right as Juliet is waking herself up.
Thursday Friar Lawrence comes to the tomb and finds a dead Romeo and that Juliet has woken up. Friar tries to get Juliet to go with him but she won’t.
Thursday Juliet stabs herself and dies.
Thursday Romeo, Juliet, and Paris’s dead bodies were found. Prince Escalus called together the Montagues and the Capulets. The two foes makeup and realize that their fighting caused the death of their only airs. Escalus came to the decision that some people will be punished for these events.
Thursday Lady Montague dies of grief, because of Romeo’s banishment from Verona.