Romeo and Juliet Crossword

Julie’s family name. Capulet
Town to which Romeo flees to avoid the death penalty. Mantua
The prince substituted this punishment for that of Romeo’s death, provided romeo was not caught in Verona; term for being exiled from one’s home country; a noun. Banishment
Prince of Verona Prince Escalus
Gold coin used by Romeo to buy the poison. Ducat
The evergreen shrub with clusters of small light-blue flowers; native to the Mediterranean area; traditional symbol of remembrance and constancy. The nurse tells Romeo that Juliet has a verse about him and this plant. Rosemary
“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet ______, / That I shall say good night till it be morrow.” sorrownnJuliet
City in northeastern Italy; primary setting of the play. Verona
Main character who grows into manhood during the play; begins as the shallow stereotype of the lover but emerges capable of the deepest passion and prepared to die for his love. Romeo
Juliet’s confidante; old woman who has cared for Juliet since her birth. Nurse
Name for a drink, usually poison or medicine; Juliet takes such a drink provided by the friar, the night before her marriage arranged by her father is to take place. Potion
A young count and relative of the Prince; Capulet orders Juliet to marry him or to leave the household; Romeo is forced to kill him in the Capulet tomb. Count Paris
Romeo’s servant who brings him the news of Juliet’s (apparent) death. Balthasar
Name of friar who was unable to deliver Friar Laurence’s message to Romeo. Friar John
Juliet’s age Two weeks shy of 14
“That which we call a _____ / by any other name would smell as sweet.” RosennJuliet
Queen of the fairies described at length by Mercutio Queen Mab
An insulting gesture: biting the _____; Sampson does this and begins the quarrel with the Capulet servants. Thumb
A mild oath used to express anger or surprise, an altered form of the oath “God’s wounds;” used by Mercutio. zounds
Songbird; bird that sings at the break of day; when Romeo is preparing to leave for exile, he and Juliet debate whether the bird they hear is this type or a nightingale. Lark
A close-fitting male’s jacket. Doublet
A formal fight between two persons armed with deadly weapons to defend one’s honor or to settle a dispute. Duel
Form of poetry used for the first meeting of romeo and Juliet, which begins, “If i profane with my unworthiest hand…;” conventional form of love poetry. Sonnet
“Nights candles are burnt out and _____ day / stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops.” jocundnnRomeo
In Roman mythology the goddess of dawn; “But all too soon as the all cheering sun / should in the farthest East begin to dawn / The shady curtains from ______’s bed.” Aurora
Poetic word for “gladly; ready”: Juliet uses this word several times in her speech to Romeo upon discovering he has overheard her declaration of affection for him. fain
Trees symbolizing sorrow; a cone-bearing evergreen tree (of Europe and Asia) with dark green leaves and red berries, yew
A young girl Romeo believes he loves before he meets juliet Rosaline
Legendary Queen of Carthage who fell tragically in love with Aeneas, “____ a dowdy”; the great ladies of history are said to be inadequate by comparison to Romeo’s love. Dido
Word meaning prayers; used by Juliet when asking her nurse to leave her alone the night before she is to marry Paris. Orisons
Confidant of Romeo; friar who marries Romeo to Juliet Friar Laurence
Adjective used by the Chorus in the prologue to describe the ill-fated Romeo and Juliet. star-crossed
Central theme of Romeo an Juliet Love
Romeo’s Family name Montague
Nephew of Lord Montague; Romeo’s friend; attempts to stop a renewal of the feud. Benvolio
Derogatory name Mercutio uses for Tybalt; “King of ____.” Cats
A bitter prolonged quarrel between families feud
Servants of the Capulets Sampson and Gregory
Type of pet that Juliet wishes she could make of romeo and thus keep him near her a bird
Romeo’s best friend and relative of the Prince; engages in a duel when romeo fails to respond to insults; killed in this duel and avenged by romeo. Mercutio
Plant roots popular for a sleeping potion; thought to resemble a human’s shape and were said to shriek when pulled up. Mandrake
Tragic heroine of the play; the events of the play change her from a child into a mature woman. Juliet
A form of address used for a man indication familiarity and contempt; frequently used by Elizabethans. sirran
A person who makes and sells drug preparations; Romeo obtained his vial of poison from such a person. Apothecary
Latin phrase meaning “they exit” exeunt
“…never was a story of more ____ / than Juliet and her Romeo.” woe
When Lord Capulet discovers Juliet in her death-like sleep he states Paris will not be her groom because Juliet has married _____ death
Word meaning “dawn-song.” Term for traditional form used in the parting dialogue between Romeo and Juliet. aubade
Number of days that elapse during the play Four
In mythology, the child of Hyperion; the sun god; term for any one of the race of giant dieties over-thrown by the Olympian gods; “_____’s diet wheels” (II, 3) refers to passage of time Titan