Romeo and Juliet Comprehension Questions Acts 1 & 2

In Act I, Scene I, Sampson tells Gregory how much he hates the Montagues. What does he threaten to do to the men and women of the Montague family? He threatens to rape all the maids and kill all the men.
In Act I, Scene I, how do lady Capulet and lady Montague respond to their husbands’ attempts to fight? Lady C: mocks her husband for trying to fightLady M: scolds her husband and orders him not to fight
In what town is this story set? Verona
In Act I, Scene II, what has romeo been doing which concerns his parents? He is depressed and has been disappearing into the woods.
In Act I, Scene II, lord Capulet invites Paris to a party at his house later that evening. He tells Paris how he will meet young women there, other than Juliet. Why does Capulet mention this? What advice does Lord Capulet give Paris in regard to Juliet? He wants to see how Paris behaves with other girls; it’s a test. He wants him to woo his daughter.
In Act I, Scene II, why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the Capulets’ party? They hope to see Rosaline, and they are going to compare other girls to Rosaline.
I Act I, Scene III, Lady Capulet wants to talk to Juliet alone and sends the nurse away. then, she changes her mind and asks her to return. Why does Lady Capulet do this? The nurse and Juliet are very close. The mother has a weak relationship with Juliet. This shows the difference between the nurse and the mother.
In Act I, Scene III, how does Juliet feel about her mothers’s proposal? She wants to wait longer before marriage, and she is shocked.
In Act I, Scene IV, Romeo seems to foretell his own fate. Why does Romeo go to the party if he feels a sense of doom? He wants to see Roseline and hopes to change her mind.
In Act I, Scene V, Tybalt is enrages to find Romeo and his friends at the party. Tybalt’s anger is curbed by Capulet, who insists Romeo is allowed to stay. Why does Capulet tolerate Romeo’s presence? -Capulet doesn’t want his party ruined.-He has been warned by the Prince.-He’s heard good things about Romeo.
Why does Shakespeare not show the moment when Romeo and Juliet first meet, but rather places them in the middle of a conversation in Act I, Scene V? -He builds the suspense of their love.-He keeps the moment intimate and private.-He gives the allusion to them being alone at a crowded party.
What more do we learn about the story from the Prologue in Act II? Romeo has moved on from Rosaline and now has new affection for Juliet.
When Romeo first sees Juliet, to what does he compare her to? The sun
According to Romeo, who is jealous of Juliet’s beauty? the sun
Explain Juliet’s speech about the importance of names in Act II, Scene II. She believes names can’t separate them because their love is too strong.
In Act II, Scene II, why does Juilet tell Romeo not to “swear by the moon”? The moon is inconstant.
What is Friar Lawrence doing in the beginning of Act II, Scene III? He was talking to himself about herbs.
Who does Friar Lawrence think Romeo has been with all night in Act II, Scene III? Rosaline
In Act II, Scene III, what does Romeo ask Friar Lawrence to do? He wants him to marry him and Juliet.
In Act II, scene III, why does Friar L question Romeo’s request to marry him and Juliet? Because he has moved on so quickly.
In Act II, scene III, what is Friar’s reason for agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet? to end the feud
In Act II, Scene IV, what news does Benvolio tell Mercutio at the beginning? That Tybalt challenged Romeo
In Act II, scene IV, what does Romeo want the nurse to have Juliet do? What will then happen? Go to Friar Lawrence’s cell at 9 and get married.
In Act II, Scene V, what task does the nurse mention she must do at the end of scene five? The wedding is on.