Romeo and Juliet Characters (from No Fear Shakespeare) Practice Questions

Romeo Who is the offspring of Montague and Lady Montague?
Juliet Who is the offspring of Capulet and Lady Capulet?
16 How old is Romeo?
13 How old is Juliet?
False True or False: Juliet has though much about marriage in the beginning of the play
True True or False: Romeo does not care much about Tybalt’s verbal abuse towards him
Romeo and Juliet Who are the two main characters in Romeo and Juliet? (quiet obvious)
Mercutio Who is a kinsman to the Prince?
Mercutio Which of Romeo’s friends is the most imaginative?
Tybalt Who is Juliet’s cousin?
Tybalt Who loathes Montagues the MOST in this story? (very big hot-head)
The Nurse Who has really cared for Juliet all her life?
The Nurse Who is Juliet’s FOIL? (oh, a tough-y)
False True or False: The Nurse doesn’t approve of Juliet’s love towards Romeo and thinks it better she marries Paris
Capulet Who is the father of Juliet?
True True or False: Capulet truly loves Juliet
Lady Capulet Who is Juliet’s mother?
14 What age did Lady Capulet become a mother herself (according to her recollection)?
False True or False: Lady Capulet is an effective mother figure over Juliet
Montague Who is Romeo’s father?
Lady Montague Who is Romeo’s mother?
Benvolio Who is Montague’s nephew?
Benvolio Who tries to keep peace in public places? (friend of Romeo)
Prince Escalus Who is the Prince of Verona?
True True or False: Prince Escalus is concerned with keeping the peace
Sampson and Gregory Who are the two servants of the house of Capulet who start a fight in the beginning of the play?
Abraham Who is the Montague’s servant who fights in the beginning of the play?