Romeo and Juliet Characters

Romeo Montague Son of Lord and Lady Montague, enemies with the Capulets, First is in love with Rosaline then falls in love with Juliet. Slays Tybalt because Tybalt killed Mercutio. Drinks potion to kill himself after seeing Juliet “dead.”
Mercutio (related to Prince Escalus) Romeo’s best friend, enjoys hearing his own voice and making fun of Romeo being in love (and just teasing people in general), is killed by Tybalt.
tybalt Juliet’s cousin who always wants to fight the Montagues. Known for being good with swords, is killed by Romeo after killing Mercutio.
Benvolio Romeo’s cousin and friend who tries to avoid fighting with the Capulets, although Mercutio says otherwise. Aids Mercutio in making fun of Romeo in love.
Juliet Capulet Daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, meets Romeo and falls in love although she is arranged to marry Paris. To avoid her arranged marriage, she consults Friar Lawrence who gives her a plan (that fails) to fake her death and then find Romeo dead and kills herself with Romeo’s dagger.
Nurse Responsible for Juliet, knows about her love for Romeo and tries to help. A larger woman who’s rather loud but loves Juliet and is very close with the Capulets. Is followed around by Peter.
Peter Illiterate servant who was assigned to invite guests to the Capulet’s party and follows the Nurse around.
Lord Montague Romeo’s father, feuds with the Capulets but in the end, resolves the issues between the two.
Paris Juliet’s fiancĂ© (in their arranged marriage). Well liked by the Capulets and is in love with Juliet. Doesn’t know about Juliet’s other marriage until Juliet is dead.
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother who dies of grief (or something else, who knows what really happened back then so we’ll just go with grief) after Romeo is banished.
lord Capulet Juliet’s father who wants her to marry Paris. He doesn’t always understand Juliet and disagrees with her about the arranged marriage but he does love her. Helps resolve the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues at the end
Balthasar Romeo’s loyal servant who informs him of Juliet’s death and goes with him to the cemetery
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother who wants her to marry Paris and relies mainly on the Nurse.
Abraham The Montague’s servant that fights with Sampson and Gregory at the beginning of the play.
Sampson and Gregory Servants of the Capulets who start of the play with fighting with the Montague’s servants.
Friar Lawrence Friend to both Romeo and Juliet who marries the two, then helps Romeo escape to Mantua and tries to get Juliet out of her arranged marriage through a complicated plan, but it fails.
Prince Escalus (Prince of Verona) Hates the feud between the Montagues and Capulets and tries to stop it by threatening the families. Banishes Romeo from Verona. Decides what to do with problems.
Apothecary Sells Romeo poison in Mantua because he needs the money.
Friar John Was sent to tell Romeo of Friar Lawrence’s plan, but instead is quarantined with a family and does not get his job done. Basically the reason why the whole plan failed and so many people died in the end.