Romeo and Juliet Character Traits

Romeo Role-Son of Lord Montague,Marries JulietPersonality-intelligent,nice,immature ,sensative,handsomeImportant events in the play- Balcony Scene,Royal Party, Marrying Juliet, Killing of Tybalt,Death of Juliet and Him
Juliet Role-Daughter of Lord Capulet, Marries RomeoPersonality-selfish,immature,beautiful,nice,intelligentImportant events in the play-Balcony Scene,Royal Party, Marrying Romeo, ,Death of Romeo and Juliet
Friar Lawrence Role- Family Priest/MonkPersonality-nice,thoughtful,peacefulImportant events in the play-marries and kills Romeo and Juliet
Mercutio Role-Royal Family, Romeo’s best friendPersonality-funny,inappropriateImportant events in the play-death,Royal Party
Benvoilo Role- Montague, Romeo’s cousinPersonality-Good friend/cousin to Romeo , supportiveImportant events in the play- Beginning, and when Romeo kills Tybalt
Tybalt Role- Capulet, Juliet’s cousinPersonality- hateful, angry, violentImportant events in the play-kills Mercutio and dies
Nurse Role-Capulet nurse that raised JulietPersonality-funny,inappropriate,loving,caringImportant events in the play- Nurse tells Romeo that Juliet gave the okay to get married
Lord Capulet Role-CapuletPersonality-Selfish,Caring,LovingImportant events in the play-Royal Party,Killing of Mercutio,Tybalt,Daughters death