Romeo and Juliet Character List

Romeo About sixteen years old, idealistic and passionate, son of Montague, not very interested in violence, originally in love with Rosaline
Juliet Daughter of Capulet, raised by her nurse, about 13 years old, idealistic and naive
Nurse Takes care of Juliet, most supportive of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, uses low-brow humor to appeal to the peanut gallery
Lady Capulet Mother of Juliet, married to Capulet, married young and powerful and wants her daughter to do the same
Capulet Patriarch of a powerful family, throws a party at his house, threatens to throw his daughter out in the street if she does not marry Paris
Tybalt Nephew of Capulet, “fiery” personality, kills Mercutio, killed by Romeo
Montague Patriarch of a powerful family, concerned with his son’s moody attitude at the beginning of the play
Lady Capulet Had a daughter when she was around fourteen years old, relies on a nurse to raise her daughter
Paris Distantly related to the Prince, wants to marry a 13 year old girl, gets her father’s approval and acts as if they are already married
Prince Escalus Related to both Mercutio and Paris, concerned about maintaining the public peace at all costs
Benvolio makes an effort to to defuse violent scenes in public places, Montague’s nephew
Mercutio Distantly related to the Prince, witty, loves wordplay, dies in the middle of the play
Friar Lawrence an expert in the use of mystical potions and herbs, believes that the marriage of Romeo and Juliet could bring peace to Verona, always ready with a plan
Chorus functions as a narrator offering commentary on the play’s plot and themes, a single character
Petruchio Tybalt’s companion and Capulet’s cousingets into fight with Montagues.
Serving men Sampson, Gregory and Peterilliterate
Rosaline very beautiful, takes an oath of chastity, the girl that Romeo originally loves, related to Capulet