romeo and juliet archetypes

Starcrossed lovers Romeo and Juliet they are not allowed to be together but they still love each other
hopeless romantic Romeo he is constantly in love and some people view that is silly and he is overdramatic he hopes that him and Julia will mary and loves her after just meeting her
The wise mentor friar Lawrence a lot of the characters go to him for help and he is the most trusted person in Verona
The voice of reason Benvolio he tries to avoid fighting tells everyone to leave also helps Romeo and he is in love with Rosaline
The controlling parents capulets make Juliet marry Paris and are controlling
The law keeper Prince he enforces the law and banishes Romeo when he kills Tybalt
The catalyst tybalt sees romeo at party and wants to fight causes fights and is hotheaded
The bumbling fool nurse she’s funny she’s considered a clown she is lower class than everyone else she’s a worker and uneducated
The wisecracking friend Mercutio very sarcastic and makes light of every dilemma Romeo was facing and constantly is always making fun of Romeo