Romeo and Juliet – Archaic words

adieu goodbye
alas, alack expresses sorrow
anon soon, immediately after
art are
attend wait upon, to pay atttention
cousin any close relative
dost, doth do, doth
ere before
hark listen
hast, hath have, has
hence from this place
ho an exclamation that calls to attention, mocks, celebrates
knave a villain
list listen
morrow day
nay no
ne’er never
oft often
passing surprisingly, exceedingly
perchance maybe
prithee I pray you, please
resolve to answer to, to reply
sirrah a lowly person, person of lower class
thee, thy, thou, thine you, your
thence from that place, from there
’tis it is
’twere, ’twas it were, it was
want lack
wench a female person, varies in tone from tenderness to contempt
wherefore why
woo to seek and gain
yea yes