Romeo and Juliet Acts 3-5

What causes the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt? Explain how Mercutio is killed. Mercutio was fed up with Tybalt provoking Romeo and behaving rudely to the civilized Romeo–causing the fight. He was killed by Romeo holding him back and then Tybalt stabbed the restrained Mercutio.
Explain why Romeo then kills Tybalt. Because Mercutio was like family to Romeo and did not deserve to get killed. Romeo also may have felt guilt for being the one who restrained him.
What curse has Mercutio pronounced four times in this scene? Black plague on both houses.
Why does Juliet become very upset when the nurse says, “He is gone, he is killed, he is dead.”? Because she thinks the nurse is talking about Romeo.
Who does the nurse blame for the death of Tybalt and why. All men. Romeo is an example of how violence leads to casualities, but all men.
What does Juliet threaten to do after she hears about Romeo’s banishment? Hang herself.
To what do both Romeo and Juliet compare the news of his banishment? Leaving earth, killing themselves…etc.
Explain what plans are made to resolve Romeo and Juliet’s difficulties. Romeo will leave until Friar and the nurse can uplift his banishment and reconcile him with his friends.
What decision does Lord Capulet make because of Tybalt’s death? Marry Juliet to Paris.
In Scene IV, what dramatic irony unfolds? Juliet would be getting married to Paris even though she is already married to Romeo.
In Scene V, as the lovers part, where does Juliet foresee Romeo’s doom? Death at the bottom of the tomb.
According to Paris, why is Lord Capulet pushing his daughter to marry so quickly? To get her mind off of the death of Tybalt. (I am not positive.)
What dors Paris’ stayement in line 29 tell us about his character? He is clueless as to the truth.
What does Juliet threaten to do if Friar Lawrenxe cannot help her? Kill herself with a dagger.
Explain the Friar’s plan for getting Romeo and Juliet back together Makes a potion to look dead for 42 hours, Juliet is alone in her room, drinks the potion, family believes she is dead, gets put in the tomb, Friar sends Romeo a letter letting him know what is going on, two days later when Juliet aways she and Romeo will run away together.
What is the dramatic irony in lines 33-37? She already got married by Friar to someone else.
Explain how the fact that the wedding day has been changed from Thursday to Wednesday affects tje timing of the Friar’s plan. Because it makes getting the letter to Romeo more frantic and they are more rushed with the process and cannot have error.
Why does Juliet dismiss both the nurse and her mother from her chamber? She needs to be alone inorder to intiate the first step of the plan.
According to Juliet’s speech in lines 14-27, what are Juliet’s two worst fears about the potion that the friar has given her? Dying deliberately so Friar doesn’t face the consequences of his actions or waking up in the morning and having to marry Paris.
What motive might Friar have for speaking 94-95 of Scene V? Make ammends with the Montaguesz
What main idea does Friar stress to the Capulets as they grieve over Juliet? She is happier, she wouldn’t want you to be upset, etc.
What bews does Balthasar bring Romeo in the beginning of Act V? Juliet is dead.
Whom does Romeo visit before leaving Mantua and going to Verona? What is the purpose of this visit? The drug dealer who gives him the poison.
Why was Friar John unable to deliver the letter to Romeo explaining Juliet’s coma? In fear of getting sick, Friar John did not leave Verona.
Why is Paris at the tomb? To pay his respects?
What does Romeo find when he enters the tomb? Paris
In lines 27-32, what strange excuse does Romeo give his servant for wanting to be in the tomb alone? He wanted to take the ring from Juliet’s finger.
What does Paris do to provoke Romeo? Paris thinks Romeo is there to desecrate the tomb.
What does Romeo promise he will do for Paris as he is dying? Lay him next to his “fiance”
Explain what finally happens to Romeo and then to Juliet. Romeo drinks the poison, thinking Juliet was dead.Juliet wakes up, sees dead Romeo and stabs herself with a dagger.