Othello Act III vocabulary

arraigning call someone before court to answer a criminal charge; put on trail
consecrate to make or declare sacredAt noon tomorrow, my sister and her fiancé will __________ their love by getting married.
defunct no longer in effect or use; nonfunctioning; unusedLatin is a __________ language.
baseness morally low; bad character; lack of principlesAs a teenager, Bill’s ______________ was seen in the numerous ways in which he bullied his peers.
paragon model or example of excellence; perfect example of a particular qualityWhen talking to the class, the teacher described my essay as a _____________ that everyone should strive to reproduce.French cuisine is a ________ of food.
wooed try to gain the love of someone; romantically pursue
castigate to criticize someone severelyIf you want better results, you should praise your children and not _________ them.
suborn induce someone to commit an unlawful act; successfully influence a person to commit a crimeDue to the teen’s testimony, this evidence proved in court that the young man did ________________ the teenager into committing robbery on his behalf.
fortification a defensive wall or reinforcement built to strengthen a place against attack
bounteous generous and plentiful
languishes grows weak or feeble; deteriorates; withersIn the beauty and the beast, as the rose _____________ the Beast tries to gain Belle’s love.
penitent feeling or showing sorrow or regret; sorry; apologeticCassio is _______ for harming Montano, the duke of Cyprus.
inclinations tendency; urge to act or feel in a particular mannerI have an ________ to sweets and carbs.
ruminate think deeply about something; consider; meditate on
perchance perhaps; by some chance; maybe; possibly
filch steal something in a casual way
surmise suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it; suspectThe mother had a __________ that her honest child was not lying to her.
deviate depart from an established course; digress from; drift from
vehement showing strong feelings; passionate; heated; spiritedThe attorney was ________ with the the defense of his client.
haggard looking exhausted and unwell; tired; drained; unhealthy
pomp magnificent display with impressive decorations, music, clothing, etc.
discordant disagreeing; at odds; conflicting
bolster support or strengthen; reinforce; boost
lecherous having or showing excessive sexual desire; lustful; lewd
imputation accusation; charge
edify instruct or improve someone morally or intellectually; educate; teach; tutor
sibyl seer; oracle who makes prophecies
haltingly faltering; with hesitations; awkwardly
unpardonable unforgiveable; a fault too severe to be pardoned
sanctified declared holy; bless; make sacred
enfettered chained; restrained someone with shackles
cudgeled beat; clubbed; bashed
dilatory slowly moving; intended to cause delay; sluggardly; sluggish; unhurried