Romeo and Juliet – Act One

why do sampson and gregory fight with montague’s men because they have a strong dislike for eachother. samson and gregory, servants from the house of capulet, hate the montagues and are openly discussing it. they see two montague servants, and discuss how best to start a fight without getting in trouble with the law, the flick their tongue or something and this starts a huge fight. benvolio from the montague and tybalt from the capulets are there. benvolio, in an effort to create peace, draws his sword. tybalt draws his sword and fights
benvolio and tybalt come upon the servants fighting contrast their reactions benvolio – tells them to stop fightingtybalt – encourages the fighting, even tells benvolio to not be a coward
what does lady capulet say about lord capulet’s age and condition he is too old to fighthe needs a crutch, not a sword
what prompts lady montague to hold her husband back from the fight she knows he is too old and doesn’t want him to die
the prince appears and he is angrywhy?what’s the threat he makes? – the peace is disturbed involving everyone over two families- if the peace is ever disturbed again, they will pay the price with their lives/torture
why is romeo sad he is in love with a capulet named rosaline, and she is sworn to a life of chasity (she’s a nun tbh)
what joke are benvolio and romeo able to make about who romeo loves when romeo tells benvolio that he is in love and benvolio is like GURL I KNEW THAT
what practical advice does benvolio give to romeo forget the girl, there are a lot more beautiful girls in verona
after speaking briefly, paris gets to the point of his visit to the capulets. what does he ask of lord capulet what does lord capulet think of his request to marry his daughter, juliet?
what is capulet’s response to paris’ request – she is too young, not yet fourteen- think about marriage in two years- he still favors him as a suitor
paris responds that girls younger than she have been married. what is capulet’s response to this – juliet is his everything, all of his other children have died- in two years- if he wins juliet, he wins her father
what suggestion and invitation does capulet make to paris – win juliet, win capulet’s approval- see lots of beauties at the party tonight, see if juliet is still #1
romeo is approached by an illiterate servant. he finds that rosaline is going to attend the capulet party. what suggestion does benvolio make? – go to the party and once he sees the other beautiful girls of verona with an unprejudiced eye, he will determine that she is nothing compared to the other
when romeo responds that rosaline is the most beautiful woman since the beginning of time, what is benvolios response – once he sees the other beautiful girls of verona, rosaline beauty will practically be nothing
what do the nurse’s indecent remarks in front of the family indicate about their relationship they have a close relationship
describe juliet’s relationship with her family in act 1 very close relationship, they adore her because she is the only child that’s still alive
what does lady capulet tell juliet? what’s her response – paris wants her as his bride, and will be at the party tonight, examine him closely- only if looking leads to liking, but nothing more than that. she won’t fall for him more than her permission allows
how do the montagues expect to be able to enter a capulet house romeo says with a speech and apologybenvolio says none of this old fashioned bullsht, let haters be haters and “take to us as they will”
what does mercutios speech reveal about his character positive, tells romeo to stop being such a negative nellyqueen mab makes dreams worthwhile and exciting
what does lord capuet say to tybalt in reference to romeo’s atendance at the party leave him alone, he’s acting polite and not doing anything wrong, all of verona loves him, IF YOU DONT LIKE MY RULES THE GET OUT OF MY DAYUM HOUSE