Racism and Sexism in Othello

As a modern day audience we are appauld by racism voilence and sexism yet this would have been seen as Normal, as they would to many cultures today
Goodness is ‘Fair’
Evil is ‘Black’
Shakespeare expposes the inherent racism through Language
Imagery example of evil (iago to brabantio) “An old black ram is tupping your white ewe”
Sexual, offesensive and beastiful imagery guareenteed to frighten an Elizabethan audience ” you’re daughter and the/moor are making beast with two backs” “your daughter covered with a barbary/horse”
Brabrantio calls iago a _________ for the language he uses to describe othello and iago “Profane wretch”
Iago calls othello a “Devil”
Some critics claim that othello is not savage or barbaric he is passionaye and trusting and says of himself “One not easily jealous but bring wrought/perplexed in the exstremed”
Others critics claim he is a ‘——- savage’ Noble