Romeo and Juliet: Act IV Summary

What are five important events that happened in Act IV? 1. Paris is meeting with friar lawrence to discuss wedding arrangements2. Juliet comes to friar laurence trying to get out of the wedding3. Friar Lawrence offers Juliet a potion that makes her seem dead4. Juliet tells her father she will marry Paris he moves the wedding up a day5. Juliet takes potion found “dead” and put in Capulet tomb
What does Paris plan to do on Thursday? What reason does he give to Friar Laurence for the hastiness of this decision? – to marry Juliet- paris to make her happy from all this sadness about Tybalt’s death
Why is Friar Lawrence hesitant to marry Paris and Juliet? paris doesn’t know how juliet feels
What does Juliet ask of Friar Lawrence? If he is unable to help her, what does she threaten? – ask for a way out of the marriage and needs his help- she will kill herself in Lawrence’s Cell
Why does Friar Laurence think Juliet will be willing to accept his plan? she is so desperate to take her own life that she has so much desperation to do what Friar Lawrence suggest
Describe the Friar’s plan for Juliet – accept the fact that she is willing to get married- tell her father and mother of her acceptance- ask the nurse to leave her alone to sleep- take potion and look dead for 42 hours
How is Juliet supposed to make her father happy? As a result of his joy, what does Lord Capulet decide to do? – accept being married to paris- moves the day up for the marriage to wednesday
As Juliet prepares to take the potion, she reveals that she has fears what are they? – could actually be poisoned- no one would be there when she wakes up- wake up the morning of the wedding- suffocation- Romeo doesn’t come to save her
What is the scene like around the house on the morning of the wedding? Very happy, jocund, light hearted, joking, jest
When the nurse goes upstairs to help Juliet get ready for her wedding, what does she find? Juliet “dead” in her bed
How do Lord and Lady Capulet react to their daughter’s death? How does this contrast with their conversation with her the previous day? – full of sorrow, upset, sad- from think she should die to being sad for her death
What does Friar Laurence say to try and comfort the family? – It is best to die young- She went to heaven- Celebrate her death
What event is the Capulet family now preparing for? Juliet’s funeral