Romeo and Juliet Act III True/False

Tybalt and Mercutio fight because Mercutio seeks to protect Romeo’s honor True
Mercutio is killed because Tybalt is a better swordsman False
The Prince punishes Romeo for killing Tybalt by sentencing him to death False
Juliet thinks Romeo is dead because the nurse tells her so. False
Rome threatens to kill himself because death is preferable to living without Juliet True
In his speech to Romeo, Friar Laurence convinces Romeo that he will be reunited with Juliet True
The lovers plan to reunite is ruined when Romeo must leave for Mantua False
Juliet’s parents treat her with love and understanding False
Juliet’s nurse advises her to marry Paris True
At the close of Act III, Juliet decides to ask Friar Laurence’s advice. True