Romeo and Juliet Act III

When does Act III, Scene i take place? Day 2, Monday
Where does Act III, Scene i take place? A public place.
What have you learned so far about Tybalt and Mercutio that makes their actions in this scene seem consistent with their characters? Mercutio jokes around and Tybalt comes looking for a fight.
When Tybalt and Mercutio start quarreling, what does Benvolio suggest they do? Go to a more private place and talk/fight it out where people won’t see them.
Of what does Mercutio accuse Romeo when he tries to stop the fight? Being too lovesick for Rosaline to fight.
Why does Romeo refuse to accept Tybalt’s challenge? His marriage to Juliet has made them family.
Tybalt flees after he wounds Mercutio. When he returns, what happens? Romeo kills him.
Why is Mercutio’s death a special insult to the Prince? Mercutio was his relative.
What sentence does the Prince pronounce upon Romeo? Banishment
When does Act III, Scene ii take place? Day 2, Monday
Who reports the news of Tybalt’s death to Juliet? Nurse
Where has Romeo gone to hide? Friar Laurence’s Cell
How does Juliet first react when she learns Romeo has killed Tybalt? She thinks Romeo deceived her.
Why does she change her mind? The Nurse shames Romeo.
What do these reactions show about her? She is quick to judge Romeo but will always defend him.
What does Juliet send Romeo as a pledge of her love? Ring
When does Act III, Scene iii take place? Day 2, Monday
Where does Act III, Scene iii take place? Friar Laurence’s Cell
Which character reacts to misfortune in the most favorable way? Neither because they both threatened suicide.
What arguments does the Friar use in attempting to convince Romeo that his despair is not justified? 1. He was banished, not put to death.2. He killed Tybalt instead of Tybalt killing him.3. Juliet is alive.
According to the Friar, what steps should now be taken to safeguard Romeo? Romeo can spend the night with Juliet, but then must go to Mantua. The friar will tell everyone about the marriage and get the prince to pardon Romeo, and then he can come back.
When does Act III, Scene iv take place? Day 2, Monday
Where does Act III, Scene iv take place? A room in Capulet’s house.
In Act I, Capulet was not eager to see Juliet married. Why has he suddenly decided to accept Paris’s offer? He thinks marriage will cheer her up after Tybalt’s death.
Who is to tell Juliet of her father’s plan for her wedding? Her mother.
When does Act III, Scene v take place? Day 3, Tuesday
Where does Act III, Scene v take place? Capulet’s Orchard
After Juliet says she will not marry Paris, how does her father react? He says he’ll disown her if she doesn’t.
What is Capulet’s attitude toward Juliet’s refusal? He is really angry and thinks her proud and ungrateful.
Lady Capulet and her husband leave and Juliet turns to the nurse for sympathy and guidance. What is the nurse’s advice to Juliet? What is Juliet’s reaction? The nurse thinks she should marry Paris. Juliet pretends to agree so she can go see the Friar.
What does Juliet plan to do now? She will see if the Friar can help her. If not, she’ll commit suicide.
List 6 important events that took place in Act III. 1. Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt and Mercutio jumps in and accepts the challenge.2. Tybalt kills Mercutio; Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished.3. Juliet hears of Romeo’s banishment and sends her nurse to speak with Romeo.4. Capulet agrees to let Paris marry Juliet.5. Juliet is told of the wedding plans and says she will not marry Paris.6. She will be disowned if she doesn’t marry him, so she goes to see the Friar.