Macbeth – Act 1: Scene 6

Who comes to Lady Macbeth/Macbeth’s home? Duncan, Malcom, Donalbain, Banquo, Angus, Lennox, Ross, Macduff and the attendents
Quote: What does Duncan say as he enters the castle, which employs the idea of dramatic irony “This castle hath a pleasant seat. The airNimbly and sweetly recommends itselfUnto our gentle senses.”- “Gentle” contrasts with the murder of Duncan, which is violent and barbaric
Quote: What does Lady Macbeth say to Duncan, which echoes the theme of loyalty to the monarchy “Against those honors deep and broad wherewithYour majesty loads our house”- Use of “majesty” shows respect and loyalty- Use of “deep and broad” shows how just and noble Duncan is~ Also shows how honoured one feels in his presence
Quote: What does Duncan then call Lady Macbeth? “Fair and noble hostess”- May show that ‘respect is a two-way street’ even with a monarch- Also shows how loving and noble the king is as he is loving even too those who are not high in authority~ It could be argued that Lady Macbeth is however as she is wedded to Macbeth