Romeo and Juliet Act II, Q&A

What plans do Romeo and Juliet make in Scene 2? Romeo and Juliet makes plans to get married in Scene two.
What fault does Friar Laurence find in Romeo in Scene 3? The fault the Friar Laurence finds in Romeo is that he is willing to destroy his happiness.
We hear in Scene 4 that Tybalt is looking for Romeo. Why? Tybalt is looking for Romeo because he wants to have a duel with him.
Dramatic irony occurs when the audience knows something the character doesn’t. What are some examples of dramatic irony in this act? (Hint: Friar Laurence wants to get Romeo and Juliet together… what do we know that he doesn’t?) The audience knows that Juliet is suppose to be married to Paris.
Summarize in three sentences what happens in Scene 5 and 6. Juliet is impatiently waiting from an answer from the nurse. When the nurse gets back she teases Juliet about Romeo, afterwards Juliet begins to head to the place Romeo talks about. Friar Laurence then warns them about the vows and gets ready for the wedding.
What do you think will happen next in the story? Why? Both of the families will find out about the wedding and begin to fight. The main reason is that they both hate each other, and both families are protective over their son and daughter (Romeo and Juliet).