Romeo and Juliet Act II

What important information does the Chorus tell us about Romeo’s love for Rosaline? It tells us that he is not in love with her anymore and he desires a new love, who is Juliet. The purpose of the chorus is to make sure that no one is confused and they tell you what is happening in case you did not understand what was going on. It is kind of like a recap.
When Romeo’s friends spy on him in the orchard, what do they think he is thinking about? They think he is talking about Rosaline. They do not know about Juliet, so they think he was with Rosaline. The fact that they do not know about Juliet is because it is recent, so this can be evidence to support that it is not true love.
What does Rome mean when he describes the moon as “envious” The moon is envious of Juliet’s beauty. Juliet is compared to the sun and the moon is jealous.
What does Juliet identify as her real enemy? The name is her real enemy
What does Juliet tell Romeo will happen to him if her kinsmen find him in the orchard? She says he will get killed if any of her family find him
Why does Juliet tell Romeo not to swear his love by the moon? She says not to swear by the moon because the moon is always changing and she does not want their love to be changing all the time.
What is Romeo willing to give up in exchange for Juliet’s love? Romeo is willing to give up his name in exchange for Juliet’s love.
What does Friar Laurence tell us about opposites that exist within one organism? one organism can provide life and death— he is specially talking about plants, flower, and other herbs and their medicinal properties; he is saying that all of the things have a potential for good or bad and the way we use them determines whether they are good or bad
What language does Friar Laurence use in his greeting to Romeo? Latin
With whom does Friar Laurence assume Romeo has spent the night? He assumes Romeo spent the night with Rosaline.
What is Friar Laurence’s reaction to Romeo’s request to be married? He says that it is way too soon and that Romeo barely knowns Juliet. He scolds Romeo and says he is fickle (someone who is always changing) He says Romeo is confusing love and infatuation. (but then he is ok with it because he said it will end the feud)
What important difference does Romeo point out between his love for Rosaline and his love for Juliet? Romeo points out that Juliet loves him back, as opposed to Romeo just loving Rosaline
What does Friar Laurence think about Romeo’s changing love interests so quickly? (On what does he think Romeo is basing his love? He thinks Romeo is basing his love off of sights and that Romeo has not had enough time to truly fall in love with Juliet.
Of what does Friar Laurence accuse Romeo is lines 65-80? He accuses him of being fickle (which means inconsistent and going back and forth) and loving too quickly.
What are the “old groans” in lines 74? The old groans are Romeo’s old groans of when he used to complain and cry about Rosaline and he says they are still ringing in his ears, meaning that Romeo had a change of heart very fast.
Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because he hopes it will end the hatred between the two families.
Do Romeo’s friends know he is now in love with Juliet? No. They just know he is in love, but they do not know who with. They think he is lovesick for Rosaline, and because he is lovesick for her they think he is weak and incapable of having a duel with Tybalt.
What does the Nurse warn Romeo about in relation to Juliet? The Nurse warns Romeo that Juliet is still young and naive about love. She warns him not to hurt Juliet. The nurse is nurturing and protective toward Juliet. She is motherly and loving.
What instructions does Romeo give to the Nurse for Juliet? He tells the nurse to tell Juliet to meet at the church. She tells her parents that she is going to church for confession, but she is actually going to get married. The Nurse is supposed to get the rope latter from his (Romeo’s) servant so that Romeo can go and see Juliet after they get married.
What information does the Nurse give to Romeo about Paris? She says that Paris also want to marry Juliet but Juliet would rather marry a toad. But, the Nurse likes Paris better and thinks he is the more proper of the two.
What is Juliet anxious about as the scene opens? She is anxious about the nurse returning because she has been gone a long time.
How does the Nurse tease Juliet upon her return? She won’t tell her the news and she acts as if there is bad news. She complains about her aches for too long; she is stalling. This is another example of how the nurse is comic relief.
What are the actual arrangements for Juliet’s marriage to Romeo? Juliet is going to tell her parents that she is going to church for confession, but she is actually going to get married. Friar Lawrence is going to marry them and no one is going to be there. Then, Romeo is going to use a rope latter to get to Juliet’s bedroom. (He gives the ladder to his servant (who is going to give it to the nurse) and then the nurse is going to give it to Romeo)
What does Friar Laurence’s warning to Romeo that “violent delights have violent ends” suggest? It says that too much of a good thing can be bad and if you rush into something, it often times leads to a bad outcome. It foreshadows the ending of the play, when they both get killed. We also see this line in the prologue that is making reference to the star-crossed lovers. He is saying to be careful and not rush into anything.
Why does Friar Laurence want to “make short work” of marrying Romeo and Juliet? “Make short of” means to make it quick. He does not want them to be alone and have fun before they get married.
chide scold
discourse conversation or speak
dote to adore or spoil
predominant dominant or ruling
procure to get or to bring about; to obtain
rancor bitter hate or ill will
repose sleep or rest
singular unique
enmity hostility
List three things in Act II that foreshadow tragedy or doom 1.