Romeo and Juliet act II

What does romeo compare juliet to in scene 1 The sun
When romeo compares juliet to a sun what is it an example of A metaphor
Who do mercutio not and Romeo think benvolio is with Rosaline
Why does Juliet want Romeo to have some other name He is a montague,her enemy,and if he had another name they could be together without causing troubles for their families
What happens when Juliet gives her soliloquy on the balcony She doesn’t know Romeo is there and by listening to her Romeo learns that she loves him
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love on the moon The moon changes.she does not want his love for her to change
When Juliet discovers Romeo at her balcony what does she fear She fears that so,some in her family will see him and kill him
What does Juliet fear throughout act II She fears that he might lie to her about his love to take advantage of her.she also thinks she is too easily won over because she didn’t play hard to get like a true lady would .
What happens when Romeo tells Juliet to say that she loves him She says that she already did but she needs to know his love for her is true.if he loves her,he should arrange a wedding and get back to her with the details
What does Romeo promise to Juliet He will make the wedding arrangements and give the message to nurse on when and where they will meet
When will nurse meet Romeo 9 a.m
What concerns does friar Laurence have about Romeo and Juliets relationship They are moving too fast,just yesterday Romeo was sad about his love for Rosaline
Why does friar Laurence agree to help the two He believes their marriage might help to end the feud
What does Romeo consider friar Laurence His ghostly father
Why has Tybalt sent a letter to Romeos house He has challenged Romeo to a duel (with swords)in response to Romeo going to the Capulet party uninvited
Does Tybalt know about Romeo and Juliet being in love No
What warning does the nurse give Romeo He better not be lying about his love for Juliet
What message does Romeo give the nurse to tell juliet To say that she’s going to shrift at friar Laurence’s cell.they will meet and marry there. He will send a man with a rope ladder to hang from Juliets balcony
Why is Juliet annoyed at the beginning of scene 5 Nurse has been gone for five hours and when she finally comes home she delays the news by saying she’s out of breath from her long journey and she makes Juliet believe that Romeo has changed his mind before finally deciding to tell her the news
What fear does friar Laurence express in scene 6 He hopes that by marrying them nothing happens to make them regret it later
What’s an example of dramatic irony from act II ?