Romeo and Juliet Act 5

What leads Romeo to think that Juliet is dead? Balthasar tells him
What plans does Romeo immediately make? buy poison and kill himself
Why does the apothecary sell him poison? illegal; so poor and he is in need of money so he sells it
Why has Friar John been unable to deliver the letter to Romeo? there is some plague going around
Why does his return with the letter upset Friar Lawrence so much? now Romeo has no idea what is going on
Why is Paris at the Capulet’s tomb? to lay flowers at Juliet’s grave
What causes the fight between Romeo and Paris? Paris was going to arrest Romeo for being at the tomb
Describe Romeo’s actions when he finds the body of Juliet. he talks to her and cries to her; kills himself by drinking the poison because he thinks that she is dead
When Juliet awakens, Friar Lawrence is there. What does he suggest for Juliet’s future? become a nun; he will leave her in a convent
Why does he leave her alone in the tomb? he heard people coming and he doesn’t want to be caught
How does Juliet kill herself? stabs herself
Why does she kill herself? wanted to be with Romeo
How does Friar Lawrence explain his actions to the assembled people? retells the story honestly
What is the Prince’s reaction to the deaths of the lovers? “this is awful”, “why do you hate”, “this is the result”, “all will be punished”; families make peace finally