Romeo and Juliet act 4 test

What does Paris imagine that Juliet is thinking when he visits Friar Laurence? (page:909)He thinks Juliet is talking to the Friar to grieve over Tybalts death.
How does Juliet respond to Paris’s remark, “Thy face is mine?” (page:910)she had a double meaning, she says her face is hers but it is also Romeo’s.
The Friar gives Juliet a potion that he says will- (page: 911)put Juliet in a deep sleep and will allow her to fake her death so she will not have to marry Paris.
Friar Laurence thinks Juliet is brave enough to take the potion because- (page: 911-913)if she is brave enough to commit suicide so she will not have to marry Paris, she should be brave enough to take a sleeping potion.
An important part of the Friar’s plan is that- Romeo needs to get the note from him so he can be there when she wakes up.
In scene 4, Nurse refers to Lord Capulet as an “old women” because he- was the one planning the wedding.
On what grounds does Friar Laurence rebuke the Capulets for their wild grief? She is in a better place and they need to calm down.
A likely reason for the ending scene between Peter and the musicians is to- say that life goes on and tried to brighten the mood.
An adverb used in inverted order will- be placed before the subject.
In Act 4, Shakespeare characterizes Friar Laurence as a/an- trust worthy, helpful, and holy man.
An example of dramatic irony is Scene 5 occurs when- they think Juliet is dead when she really isnt.
The complication that occurs in Act 4 is when- the marriage day moves from Wednesday to Thursday.
Shakespeare creates suspense by having- Juliet was having second thoughts for taking the potion.
What can you infer from the scene in which Juliet tell her father, “Henceforward I am ever ruled by you?” She was lying.
The immediate effect of Juliet taking the Friar’s drug is that- she falls asleep and has a funeral the next day instead of a wedding.