“Romeo and Juliet” Act 4 Study Guide

What reason does Paris give for the haste of their marriage? Capulet wants it that way, and he’s not against it
How does Juliet speak to Juliet about their marriage when she meets him at Friar Laurence’s cell? she is mostly negative and gives him sarcasm
How is Juliet’s behavior with her father different from the last time they met? she is calm, and asks for his forgiveness; agrees to marry Paris
What complication arises in this scene in regards to the Friar’s plan? the wedding is moved to Wednesday, the very next morning
Act 4 Scene 4. What dramatic irony exists in this scene? Lord and Lady Capulet think Juliet is dead, but she is just drugged with a sleeping pill
How does the Friar attempt to comfort the Nurse’s and the Capulets’ distress at Juliet’s “death”? she is in a better place, heaven will give her eternal life
What does Paris think of Juliet’s state of mind when he visits Friar Laurence? she is deep in mourning for Tybalt
What is the last thing that happens between Paris and Juliet? Paris kisses Juliet
Friar Laurence thinks Juliet is brave enough to take the sleeping potion because – if she is brave enough to die, she is brave enough to fake death
Juliet surprises Capulet on her return from Friar Laurence’s cell by- agreeing to marry Paris and act as an obedient daughter
While Juliet puts Friar Laurence’s plans into action, she asks Nurse to- stay with Lady Capulet for the night
In her soliloquy, Juliet admits that- she is afraid
How is Juliet’s supposed death discovered? Nurse goes to wake Juliet on her wedding day
The Capulets, Nurse, and Paris react to Juliet’s supposed death with- anguished cries of grief
A possible reason Shakespeare includes the scene between Peter and the musicians is to- illustrate that life goes on amid tragedy
What is the point of Act 4? Falling Action
What lie does Juliet tell her father when he asks her where she has been? she says she was at confession with Friar Laurence
Why do you think the wedding day is pushed ahead from Wednesday to Thursday? Juliet has finally agreed and given her consent to marrying Juliet
What is Juliet’s plan to do if the potion doesn’t work? stab herself with a dagger
Why does Juliet worry after she drinks the potion? -could kill her-wake up too early-go insane in the crypt
Who discovers Juliet’s body? Nurse