Romeo and Juliet Act 4 and Act 5 Vocabulary Words

Inundation To flood; to overwhelm
Slander Defamation; malicious
Pensive Thinking deeply or seriously
Vial Small bottle containing medicine or other liquids.
Valor Courage
Enjoined Ordered
Peevish Showing annoyance, irritation, or bad mood.
Wayward Insistent upon having one’s way; headstrong.
Dismal Causing gloom or misery.
Festering Putrefying or rotting.
Loathsome Disgusting.
Lamentable That which is regrettable; unfortunate.
Pilgrimage Long journey.
Beguiled Tricked; misled.
Martyred To put to death for devotion to religious beliefs; to inflict great pain on.
Solemnity The state of being in a sober or very serious mood or condition.
Melancholy Gloominess; a depressed state.
Remnants Remaining persons or things.
Penury Extreme poverty
Apothecary One who prepares and sells drugs and medicines.
Dram A unit of apothecary weight when measuring drugs.
Cordial A health-giving drink..
Pestilence A deadly or virulent epidemic disease.
Be-shrew To blame.
Distilled Processed to concentrate and purify.
Inexorable Unyielding; unalterable.
Haughty Arrogant.
Peruse To read through with thoroughness or care.
Amorous Inclined to or expressing love.
Paramour A love, especially of a married person.
Inauspicious Promising misfortune; ill-omened
Engrossing All-encompassing
Unsavory Unpleasant in taste or smell.
Sepulcher Tomb.
Ambiguities Statements or events whose meanings are unclear.
Dire Causing great fear or suffering; terrible; horrible.
Privy Secretly informed.
Scourge Whip or other instrument for inflicting punishment.
Brace A pair.