Romeo and Juliet Act 4

how does act 4 start? in medias res
when juliet runs into paris at the friar’s cell and he discusses their marriage dramatic irony
the tears have got small victory by that, for iy was bad enough before their spite juliet characterization-modesty
it may be so, for it is not mine own. dramatic irony(talking about juliet’s face…it is romeo’s)
what is juliet’s mood suicidal, desperate
past hope, past cure, past help parallel structure
when juliet tries to stab herself with a knife foreshadowing
what does the friar give to juliet? a sleeping potion/pill/poison that lasts for 42 hours
juliets characterization brave, she REALLY loves romeo
wedding moved up a whole day complication
capulet thanks the friar irony/dramatic irony (friar has already married romeo and juliet behind his/their back/s)
what is in the end of scene 3 juliet talks to herself… sililoquy
where bloody tybalt, yet but green in the earth, lies festering imagery
angelica allusion
that will find out logs… thou shalt be loggerhead pun
play starts on sun/sat and ends on a wednesday innacuracy of time (to much action to mit in that time frame)
sleep for a week, for the next night i warrant, the county paris hath set up his rest pun
who doesnt believe that juliet is dead? capulet
O woe! O woeful day!…. Most lamentable day!…. O day, O day!… O love! O life!…. despised, distressed, hated, martyred, killed…. parallelism
who is the only one that really cares that juliet is “dead”; not selfish about wedding the nurse
since the climax, what is the main thing that is personified? death
death is my son-in-law; death is my heir personification
all things we ordained festival, turn from their office to black funeral duality
the heavens do lour upom you for some ill punishment/fates of the capulets
our wedding cheer to a sad burial feast duality
merry dump oxymoron
soundly, gleek, minstrel, simon catling, hugh rebeck, james soundpost pun
i’ll ray you, i’ll fa you, do you note me? pun
juliet questions whether the “sleeping potion” will last for the full 42 hours, and if romeo and the friar will be there when she wakes up innacuracy of time