romeo and Juliet act 4

1.) Why does Paris think Capulet wants Juliet and him to get married so soon? The family needs a distraction from the grief
2.) Why has Juliet come to see the Friar? To have help with her situation
3.) What is the Friar’s plan to help the lovers? Juliet takes a potion that will make it look like she is dead for 42 hours then she will be alive and escape with Romeo to mantua after her family has laid her in her tomb
4.) Why does the Friar believe Juliet will be able to handle his “remedy”? It is better than killing herself
5.) What will the potion do to Juliet? Make her sleep for 42 hours but it will look like she is dead
1.) Capulet decides to move the wedding to Wednesday. How will this complicate the Friar’s plan for Romeo and Juliet? Everything has to be done sooner than expected so Romeo may not have time to get the message and get back before Juliet wakes up
2.) What is Capulet’s mood in this scene? What is Lady Capulet’s mood? They are all exited for the wedding and making wedding preparations but LC is stressed because she must get the wedding ready even earlier
3.) How has Capulet’s attitude toward Juliet changed since last we saw him and why? Now he is happy that his daughter is is agreeable to the wedding.
1.) Explain Juliet’s soliloquy. What are her fears about taking the potion? She fears that she will wake up with rotting bones all around her and maybe Romeo won’t be there. She is afraid of accidentally dying or going crazy and taking an ancestors bones and beating her brains out.
What dramatic irony do you feel when the Friar enters? He knows that she really isn’t dead but the family doesn’t know this
2.) How does Capulet personify death in lines 34-40? “my heir” “son in law”
3.) In your opinion, what might Lord & Lady Capulet, Paris, and the Nurse think is the cause of Juliet’s death? Greif over tybalt