Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Study Guide Questions

Act 2 scene 1: What is Romeo’s new problem? He loves a Capulet
Act 2 scene 2: In lines 109-111, Juliet asks Romeo not to swear by the moon…why is she afraid of this? The moon constantly changes and she doesn’t want Romeos feelings to change
Act 2 scene 2: What is the only way that Juliet will give herself to Romeo If they get married
Act 2 scene 3: What does Romeo ask Friar Lawrence to do? To marry them (Romeo and Juliet)
Act 2 scene 3: Why does Friar agree to marry the two young lovers? It may stop their families feuds
Act 2 scene 4: Why has the nurse come to the square? To find out about the wedding arrangements
Act 2 scene 4: What information does Romeo give the Nurse? Where and when the wedding will be
Act 2 scene 4: Mercutio teases the Nurse, and she is outraged. What does Romeo say about Mercutio to calm her down? That he likes to hear himself talk
Act 2 scene 4: What does Romeo send to Juliet Their wedding plans
Act 2 scene 5: What is Juliet’s mood as she waits for the Nurse’s return? She is anxious
Act 2 scene 6: A Romeo and Friar Lawrence await Juliet, what does the Friar warn Romeo about Love Moderately
Act 3 scene 1: Who accosts (approach/address) Benvolio and Mercutio and why? Tybalt and he is looking for Romeo
Act 3 scene 1: How does Tybalt provoke a fight? He taunts Romeo and calls him out
Act 3 scene 1: When Romeo appears, why does he refuse to accept Tybalt’s duel? Because Tybalt is now his family and he does not want to hurt Juliet
Act 3 scene 1: Why does Romeo’s reply make Tybalt even more upset? Because he feels as if Romeo is mocking him
Act 3 scene 1: Who ends up actually starting the fight? Mercutio
Act 3 scene 1: Who tries to stop the fight? What happens from this intervention? Romeo; Mercutio gets stabbed in the heart under Romeo’s arm
Act 3 scene 1: Who does Mercutio say is to be blamed for him getting stabbed? Romeo
Act 3 scene 1: What curse does Mercutio call out before he dies? “A plague on both your houses”
Act 3 scene 1: Benvolio helps Mercutio into a nearby house. When he returns what does he tell Romeo Mercutio is dead
Act 3 scene 1: What does Romeo do after he is told of Mercutio’s fate He kills Tybalt
Act 3 scene 1: Who punishes Romeo and what is his fate? The Prince; and Romeo is banished from Verona. If he is found in Verona he is to be killed on the spot
Act 3 scene 1: Why does the Prince have mercy upon Romeo? Because enough blood and tears have been shed on that day
Act 3 scene 2: Where is Juliet and what is she waiting for? Her bedroom. The Nurse to return with word of Romeo (he is supposed to come into her bedroom that night)
Act 3 scene 2: When the Nurse arrives what does she inform Juliet of? Tybalts death and Romeo’s banishment
Act 3 scene 2: At the beginning of this scene what is the dramatic irony? (When the Nurse says there was a death and a banishment) Juliet thinks Romeo is dead and Tybalt is banished when it is the other way around
Act 3 scene 2: What does Juliet say that foreshadows her own death? (after thinking that Romeo was dead but finds out that she is mistaken) She would rather die than have Romeo killed
Act 3 scene 2: Why does Juliet ask the Nurse to pull up the ladder at this time? (after hearing of Romeo’s banishment) Since Romeo is banished he cannot come to her room anymore
Act 3 scene 2: What orders does Juliet give to the Nurse? Got to Romeo and give him her ring as a sign that she still loves him
Act 3 scene 3: Where is Romeo (after he kills Tybalt) Friar Lawrence’s cell
Act 3 scene 3: What does the Friar mean by, “Thous art wedded to calamity” ? Disaster follows Romeo and he is bound to it
Act 3 scene 3: What is Romeo’s reaction to being banished? Is he relieved? He is in despair. He feels that death is better than being banished for he cannot live without Juliet
Act 3 scene 3: What is the Friar’s reaction to Romeo when he says that death is better than banishment? He is angered because he feels that Romeo should be happy that mercy was given to him and he can still keep his life
Act 3 scene 3: Why does the Friar scold Romeo? Because he should be grateful for his life was spared
Act 3 scene 3: What is the worst part of Romeo’s punishment for Romeo? He can no longer see or be with Juliet
Act 3 scene 3: What is Romeo’s reaction to the knock at the door (when he is in the Friar’s cell and is weeping about his punishment) He doesn’t care who sees him
Who shows up in the Friars cell The Nurse
Act 3 scene 3: According to the Nurse what is both Romeo and Juliet doing at the moment? They are both crying
Act 3 scene 3: What does Romeo try to do as he wails over his situation? He picks up the dagger and tries to kill himself
Act 3 scene 3: As Romeo is in despair (and after he tries to kill himself) what does the Nurse give Romeo and what is its significance? She gives him Juliet’s wedding ring. This signifies that she still loves and wants to be with Romeo
Act 3 scene 3: How does Romeo react to Juliet’s message from the Nurse? He feels relieve that Juliet still wants to be with him
Act 3 scene 3: What plan does the Friar propose to Romeo? Go console Juliet. Escape to Mantua, and wait for more news on a plan
Act 3 scene 4: What is Paris discussing with Capulet and Lady Capulet? His proposal for Juliet’s hand in marriage
Act 3 scene 3: Does Capulet agree? (to let Paris have Juliet’s hand in marriage) Yes, for it might ease Tybalt’s passing
Act 3 scene 4: Does Lord Capulet think Juliet will agree? Yes
Act 3 scene 4: What is the dramatic irony in this scene? (when Paris and the Capulet’s are discussing Juliets marriage) Romeo and Juliet are sleeping together upstairs while Paris and the Capulet’s are discussing Juliets marriage downstairs
Act 3 scene 5: Where are Romeo and Juliet and what are they discussing when the scene begins? They are in Juliet’s bedroom and if the bird outside is a lark or a nightingale ( lark-morning; Nightingale-night)
Act 3 scene 5: Why does Juliet insist that the bird outside is a nightingale,when it is actually near daybreak? She doesn’t want Romeo to leave
Act 3 scene 5: As the Nurse enters, what news does she bring? That Juliet’s mother is coming to her room
Act 3 scene 5: What does Lady Capulet tell Juliet about revenge for Tybalts death? That she will hire a man in Mantua to poison Romeo while he is there
Act 3 scene 5: What is Juliet’s response to her mother saying that she is to be married to Paris? That she’d rather marry Romeo, who her mother hates, than marry Paris
Act 3 scene 5: Does Lady Capulet sympathize with Juliet? What does she tell Juliet? No and she tells her that shes washed her hands from the matter (meaning she wants nor has anything to do with this matter)
Act 3 scene 5: Who does Juliet decide to go to for help? (two times different people) At first she goes to the Nurse but when she doesn’t here the response she wants she goes to the Friar
Act 3 scene 5: What is the Nurse’s advice to Juliet? To marry Paris for hes a better catch and since Romeo is banished hes as good as dead
Act 3 scene 5: Why does Lord Capulet believe that Juliet refuses to marry Paris He thinks she’s ungrateful
Act 3 scene 5: What will be Juliet’s punishment if she does not marry Paris She will be disowned and left on the streets to die
Act 3 scene 5: Where is Juliet going at the end of act 3 and why? (after hearing Nurse’s advice) Friar Lawrence’s cell and to ask for advice
Act 3 scene 5: Where does Juliet tell everyone she is going? confessions
Act 4 scene 1: What is Paris doing in the Friar’s cell Paris is asking the Friar about his future marriage with Juliet
Act 4 scene 1: What explanation does Paris give for the hurried marriage plans? He wants Juliet to forget about her grief over Tybalt’s death
Act 4 scene 1: Who arrives at the Friar’s cell? (when Paris and Friar Lawrence are talking about Juliet’s and Paris’s marriage) Juliet
Act 4 scene 1: What is the Friars plan for Romeo and Juliet? They will fake Julet’s death by giving her a potion that puts her in the state of “death” which she will take the night before her wedding and they will send a letter to Romeo about their plan. After they bury her in her families grave site Romeo will come and get her then they will escape together
Act 4 scene 1: What is the Friar’s role in the plan? He will have word sent to Romeo, he will prepare the potion for Juliet to take, and then he will be a priest at the funeral
Act 4 scene 1: What is Juliet holding in her hand, and what does she propose to do? She is holding a dagger and says that if the potion doesn’t work she will stab herself with the dagger
Act 4 scene 2: When Juliet returns home, what is happening? The wedding is being prepared for
Act 4 scene 2: What does Juliet tell her Father That she apologizes for her behavior and will marry Paris
Act 4 scene 2: How does Capulet respond to Juliet saying she will happily marry Paris? He moves the wedding to a closer date
Act 4 scene 2: How does Capulet’s response put a kink in Friar Lawrence’s plan? By moving the time of the wedding to a closer date there is less time to get word to Romeo about their plan
Act 4 scene 3: Does Juliet take the Nurse into her confidence? why or why not? No, Juliet no longer trusts the Nurse and she might give away the plan
Act 4 scene 3: What thoughts run through Juliets mind as she is about to take the potion? (4 things) What if it doesn’t work. What is the potion actually kills her. What is she wakes up to early and suffocates. What is the dead spirits of her ancestors haunt her and drive her insane as she is waiting for Romeo
Act 4 scene 3: What give Juliet the strength to take the potion? The thought of seeing and being with Romeo again
Act 4 scene 3: Who does Juliet toast to as she is about to take the poison? Romeo
Act 4 scene 5: After Juliet’s death why does the Friar suggest that “nature’s tears are reason’s for merriment? Is he suggesting that the Capulets should be happy? and why? Yes, he says they should be happy for she is in heaven now
Act 5 scene 1: What news does Romeo’s servant Balthazar, who arrives from Verona, tell him? That Juliet is dead
Act 5 scene 1: What does the reader know that Balthazar does not? That Juliet’s death was all faked and that she is actually alive
Act 5 scene 1: What letter has Romeo been waiting for? The letter from Friar Lawrence telling Romeo more about the plan for him and Juliet
Act 5 scene1: Romeo plans to return to Verona; where does he stop and what does he buy before leaving? He stops at an apothecary and buys a deadly poison
Act 5 scene 1: (When Romeo take a hold of the poison) Why does Romeo say that the vile (poison) is NOT a poison, but a liquid that will GIVE him life Because when he dies it will give him an eternal life with Juliet
Act 5 scene 2: Where does Friar Lawrence quickly hurry? To the Capulets monument where Juliet lies
Act 5 scene 2: Why is it essential that Friar Lawrence find Juliet before Romeo does? Because Romeo may be to rash and kill himself
Act 5 scene 3: Where does this scene take place? (where Romeo and Paris encounter each other) Juliets grave site; Capulet’s monument
Act 5 scene 3: Who arrives at the tomb while the others are mourning? Paris
Act 5 scene 3: What has Paris come to do? Decorate the Capulet monument with flowers
Act 5 scene 3: How does Romeo say upon seeing Paris? Romeo says he must die and that is why he has come
Act 5 scene 3: What does Paris think that Romeo is trying to do? abuse the body of Juliet
Act 5 scene 3: What happens to Paris? He dies from Romeo’s hand
Act 5 scene 3: What does Paris request of Romeo before he dies? To be laid in Juliets grave
Act 5 scene 3: Why does Romeo really have to hurry now? The page sees Romeo kill Paris and goes to tell the watchman
Act 5 scene 3: When Romeo finally sees Juliet lying there what does her notice about her? That she doesn’t really look dead and that her cheeks and lips are turning red
Act 5 scene 3: What does Romeo do right before he takes the poison? He kisses Juliet
Act 5 scene 3: What does Romeo do after he kisses Juliet? (as he is beside Juliet) He takes the poison
Act 5 scene 3: When does Juliet wake up? After Romeo dies
Act 5 scene 3: When the Friar enters and Juliet is awake what is his advice to her? For her to become a nun
Act 5 scene 3: What was the flaw that destroyed Romeo? Rashness
Act 5 scene 3: What are the two ways Juliet attempts to kill herself ? By kissing Romeo she hoped to intake some of the poison as well, but that failed. She then took her dagger and stabbed herself.
Act 5 scene 3: Does the Friar accept responsibility for his role in this tragedy? No, he tries to put some of the blame on the Nurse
Act 5 scene 3: What do Capulet and Monatgue agree to do in Romeo and Juliet’s honor? Capulet will gove Montague the wedding rights (land,money, etc.) and Montague will build a gold statue made in Juliet’s image