Romeo and Juliet Act 3 scenes 4 & 5

What does Capulet tell his wife to say to Juliet? Capulet tells his wife to tell Juliet she is to be married to Paris on Thursday.
As Romeo is preparing to leave Juliet, what argument does she use to convince him to stay? It’s not day yet and the nightingale had not sang yet.
Later, why does Juliet think Romeo should leave? He doesn’t want him to die because of her.
Just as Romeo is about to descend the rope ladder and leave Juliet, what does Juliet say about the way Romeo looks? Romeo looks dead like he is in a tomb
Why does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying? Juliet misses Tybalt because he is dead
When Lady Capulet threatens to send someone to Mantua to poison Romeo, what does Juliet say? Find someone that will get the poison and she herself will personally mix it and give it to Romeo
After Lady Capulet breaks the news about Paris, what is Juliet’s response? Really angry, she’d rather die or marry romeo, whom her mother thinks she hates
If Juliet’s mother does not arrange to delay the marriage, what will Juliet do? She threatens to kill herself.
What is Capulet’s reactions to Juliet’s threats? Upset, he worked hard to find juliet a suitable husband, threatens to disown her
What is the Nurse’s advice to Juliet? Forget about Romeo and marry Paris
How does Juliet’s attitude toward the Nurse change? betrayed, never trust her again
What “scheme” does Juliet devise to get rid of the Nurse and to get out of the house? She is going to confession to confess her sins.