Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scenes 1-4

What are Mercutio and Benvolio talking about in Scene 1? That there are Capulets out and they might get angry if they see any Montagues
What does Benvolio say they should have done? That they should retire and avoid the Capulets to not get into a fight
What are the ways Mercutio says Benvolio is belligerent? That he would fight with a man that more or less hair than him in his beard, that he would fight with a man who had hazel eyes and was cracking nuts, that he would fight with a man who was coughing in the street and woke a dog, and that he is like one of those guys who walks into a bar and puts his sword on the table and demands drinks and after the second drink he would draw his sword on the bartender
What are some of the things Romeo says to Tybalt why he will not fight him and why he is calm? That there is a reason that he didn’t let put his rage, he says he is not villain and didn’t do anything to Tybalt, and he says that he loves and respects the Capulet name just like his name
Why is there a fight? Tybalt and Mercutio are talking and Rome comes in and Tybalt calls him villain but Romeo does not want to fight him so he backs off, then Mercutio asks Tybalt if he wants to fight and they both agree
What are the three ways Mercutio jokes about his wounds? He says it’s just a scratch, he says that it’s not as deep as a well or as wide as a church door, and he says that the next day that you will meet him he will be a grave man
What does, “Away to heaven” mean? That he wants his mercy to go to heaven so that he can be merciless when he kills Tybalt and he also prays that he is not a woman
What are Lady Capulet’s reasons to why you can’t trust Benvolio’s summary? That you can’t trust Benvolio and that Tybalt would have only died if it was twenty men who ganged up on him
What is the Prince’s argument to why Romeo didn’t get executed? That the law would have killed Tybalt anyway but he had to give Romeo a punishment to he banished him
What was the reason for Juliet’s misinterpretation? The nurse provides no context and just come in screaming, “he’s dead”, does not clarify
What is the first set of reactions Juliet has? That Romeo is like a serpent’s heart with a flowering face, that he is like a dragon in a fair cave, like a dove-feathered raven, damn saint, honorable villain, beautiful tyrant
What is Juliet’s second misinterpretation? She thinks that Romeo might have killed himself
Why and how does Juliet change her opinion about Romeo? The nurse says shame come to Romeo and and a switch turns on in Juliet and she says that it was self defence, she has his wife for three hours and does not want to disgrace marriage and that it’s too early to betray her husband, and she says that Romeo has nothing to do with shame
What’s the Friar trying to get Romeo to understand in the beginning of Scene 3 That he should be grateful for his banishment
What does Romeo mean when he says, “You can’t advice me to this matter”? That you haven’t killed a guy and been in my situation, that you are not in love and have been banished, or that you are not as young as me so you can’t say what I should do or feel
What does Romeo compare himself first in Scene 3? A carrion fly and he wishes to be that so he could fly to Juliet
Why does Romeo bring up the gun thing? The nurse says that Juliet’s grief is intensifying because of Romeo and Tybalt’s death and Romeo says it’s his fault and compares himself to gun and how his bullet is striking Juliet and making her sad
What does the Friar mean when he says, “Thy form thy heart, thy tears are womanized, you shame your shape and wit” mean? That Romeo is acting like a female and that he is shaming his manhood and intellect
What are the three blessings? That Juliet is alive, that Tybalt could have killed him, and that the law could have killed him
What is Friar’s plan that he tall’s Romeo? Go to Juliet’s, to, “stay not till the watch be set”, go to Mantua, he is going to publicize the marriage, beg pardon of the prince, and Friar will send letters to Romeo through Romeo’s assistant to update him
In Scene 4, what is Capulet talking to Paris about? That he thinks that Juliet is willing to marry Paris if he is willing and then changes the date of the wedding and also says that it is going to be a small gathering to not make it seem like Tybalt’s death didn’t matter