Romeo And Juliet: Act 3, Scene 3 and 4

What is the setting of scene 3? Street of Verona Juliet’s RoomFriar Laurence’s cellJuliet’s Balcony
What is the punishment Romeo receives from the prince from killing Tybalt? Ordered to be killedBanished from VeronaHas to leave the Montague familyOrdered to work at a farm
What does Romeo compare his punishment to be worse than? BanishedDeathWhippedBurned
Why does Friar Laurence believe that Romeo should be grateful? By law he should be receiving death penaltyBy law he should be receiving whipsBy law he should be sent to work for the princeBy law he should be locked away
Why does Romeo believe that his punishment is worse than death? he may not be with Juliethe may have to leave his familyMay have to give up his titleStart all over
According to Juliet’s nurse, How is Juliet feeling knowing that Tybalt is dead? Strangely calmDepressedSuicidalAll The above
What does Romeo try to do to himself once he notices that Juliet is in such a state? Tries to go to Juliet and comfort herTalks to the nurse to help comfort JulietTalks friar Laurence for adviceTries to kill himself from feeling guilty
Why does Friar Laurence scold Romeo? Because Romeo isn’t being a good husband/boyfriendHe is disrespecting Juliet’s nurseRomeo doesn’t want to deal with life anymorehe isn’t acting like a man and is misusing his shape, love, and wit
Which is not one of the three blessings Friar Laurence mentions? Juliet is aliveTybalt could’ve killed Romeo, but Romeo killed himPunishment went to his favor Romeo and Juliet are together
Where does Friar Laurence tell Romeo to run to while things die down? MantuaVeniceMilanFlorence
What message does Romeo want the nurse to deliver to Juliet? That he’ll visit her laterTo get ready to scold Romeo on how he behavedThat he will run away from VeronaThat the wedding will be cancelled
Who visits the Capulets to mourn the death of Tybalt ParisThe PrinceFriar JohnChief Watchman
What does Paris say to Capulet? “sad times are not good times for talking of marriage””please give my blessings for the lovely Juliet””My condolences to the Capulet family”d) “May your family be blessed”
What does Capulet offer to Paris? To stay for the nightTo take the carriage to his placeTo marry his daughter as soon as possibleTo comfort Juliet out of her sorrow
When’s Paris and Juliet wedding? MondayWednesdayThursdayFriday