Romeo and juliet act 3-5

What does Friar Laurence compare love of romeo and juliet to Honey (they will get sick of eachother since they based their love on looks)Gunpowder (small spark could det them off)
How does Benvolio show himself to be a resoning man He says that they should go home so they dont get into a fight because he thinks something bad is going to happen
Whis is mercutios response He is joking saying that benvolio is the one always quick to fight.
How does mercutio show himself to be more irrational of the two He knows the prince banned fighting but since he knows he is related to the prince he thinks he is privilaged so he can
Romeo enters. What is his reponse to tybalts challenge and insult. He forgives tybalts anger since he has reason to love him since they are now related
How does mercutio react to romeos refusal to fight He finds it funny
In what way is romeo responsable for mercutio being stabbed Romeo holds mercutio back which allowed tybalt to stab him under romeos arm
In what way is mercutios comment about his wound sarcastic “Ask for me tomorrow, and uou shall find me a grave man”
What is romeos reaction to mercutios death Thinks he is cursedGoes to fight and kill tybalt
Whta slant does benvolio put on his account to the fight Benvolio says that romeo was trying to be the peacemaker. Romeo let his emotions get the best o him.
What is lady capilets comment on benvolios story Benvolio is lying because 20 of them were fighting and he is from the montagues. She wants her family to seem better so she lies.
What is the princes decishion Kicks romeo out of hometown. If he returns he will be killed.
As juliet impaciently waits for night and romeos visit, the nurse enters with news. What is her news and in what manner does she present it Her news is that tybalt diedThe nurse presents the news like romeo had died
Juliets first reaction is to call romeo vile names for killing tybalt, but what is her second response If tybalt hadnt been killes, tybalt would have killed romeo
Why does the nurse, who is odvious fond of tybalt vollenteer to go get romeo Juliet is very emotional and wants to calm her downJuliet would rather be dead than not have romeo
Where is romwo hoding, what seems to be juliets plan, and whyndoes she give the nurse her ring Romeo is at laurences cell. Juliets plan is to find him. She gives the ring to the nurse to show that she still loves romeo
How does romeo act to being banished Death would be better than banishment because he cant see juliet
Why cant the friar, according to romeo, truly understand romeos feelings about juliet and his banishment Because the crime deserves the death penalty. Prince was giving mercy and romeo wasnt greatful
The nuse arrives and informs the friar and romeo that juliet, too, is crying just as romeo is. Hearing of juliets unhappiness and the hatred he supposes she feels toward him, he draws his knife to kill himself. How does the friar react That romeo isnt acting like a man. Emotional like a girl. Breaking wedding vows if kill himself
What things does friar say romeo should be happy Juliet is alive snd loves him. Tybalt would have killed himNo death penalty
What does the friar then tell him go do Leave before the night watchman is on duty or get out in a disquise before sun rises in morning to Mantua
In the conversation between Lord Capulet, his wife, and Paris we learn that they have not yet spoken to Juliet about marrying Paris. what do you think is Juliet’s present cause of grief Romeo being banished
What decision does Lord Capulet make and why do you suppose he makes this decision He decided that juliet should marry paris. He is related to the prince and tybalt just killed mercutio. He trying to get on princes good side
What is going on in the interchange between Romeo and Juliet the opening of the scene They are laying in bed. Juliet doesn’t want Romeo to leave
The mother enters; and seeing Juliet weeping at Romeos departure, Believe she is weeping for Tybalt. The mother then vents her own anger at Romeo and discloses her plan to have him found and poisoned. Why does Juliet appear to speak ill of Romeo She uses double meanings. She says what her mother wants to hear while saying what she really means
What news does Juliet’s mother bring That she will be marrying Paris
What is Juliet’s response to her mother She is upset and refuses to marry Paris
Why does Lord Capulet get so angry when he hears of Juliet’s desire not to marry He has spent a lot of time finding Juliet a good husband, and he will not break his promise to Paris
When the nurse tries to speak up for Juliet, what is she told She is rudely dismissed by Capulet who considers her nothing more than a lowly servant
If forced to marry, what does Juliet threaten She says she will kill herself and be dead like tybalt
What is her mother’s response She says to not talk to her and to do what she wants because she is done worrying about her
What is the nurses advice, and how can she give that advice knowing how Juliet feels Her advice is to marry Paris because Romeo has gone and has no use
Hearing this, what is Juliet’s decision regarding the nurse She feels the nurse is an old devil because she is telling her to break wedding vows and criticizes Romeo after just praising him
Juliet tells the nurse she is going to confession to friar Lawrence to confess her sins. Why is she really going there To know his remedy
What does Juliet tell the fryer If he cannot help, she has a knife to kill her self. Shell solve the problem by herself. She will do anything to not marry Paris. Wants his advice.
What plan does the fryer set out 1) go home, be happy, tell your dad happy to marry Paris2) Wednesday night, be alone3) drink poison from fryer To fake death4) dead for 42 hours5) Bring body to family tomb6) friar sends letter to Romeo explaining the plan and that Romeo must be at tomb when Juliet awakes7) heading back to Mantua and fryer clear the air
Why is Lord capulet happy Juliet says she is sorry for disobeying him and fryer tells Juliet to bow and ask for his forgiveness and whatever he says she shall do. Capulet is so happy that he moves the wedding to Wednesday. This ruins the plan.
If the potion does not work what is Juliet’s plan She will kill herself with a knife
Julia is a little fearful and a little suspicious. What suspicion about the fryer does she voice She thinks the fryer had given her a potion to tell her because he had married her to Romeo. So he doesn’t ruin his reputation
What were the next occupies her Weeks before Romeo comes. Suffocated from the smell. The smell together with ghost screaming might make her crazy. Mandrakes. Seeing the spirit of Tybalt
How does the mother and father react to the news of Juliet’s death The lady says Juliet was her life. She said it was the most miserable day and calls her her daughterThe Lord said she was the sweetest flower.Death murdered her celebration. He says he would die with her because death has everything of his
How does the fryer try to comfort them The cure cannot be found in crys and grief. Juliet is in heaven which is the best place. Family shout want her to be there because it is the best for her. She died young when her soul is pure, without sin
The fryer is supposed to send a messenger to Romeo informing him of the plan and Juliet fake death. But who arrives in Mantua instead, and what news does he give Romeo Romeo servant bathasar delivers the news. He tells Romeo that Juliet is dead
Although it is illegal to sell potions in Mantua, how is Romeo able to purchase some The apothecary is a miserable person so he would probably sell it to him for money
Why is fryer John not able to go to Mantua to deliver friar Lawrence’s message to Romeo Health officers thought he got in contact with the plague and lock them up
What revision does friar Lawrence make in his plan Friar goes to Juliet side
What is Paris doing at the crypt He decorated Juliet’s grave with flowers
What does Romeo give to bathasar and what does he tell him to do. Why doesn’t balthasar do it A letter for his father
Why do you Paris and Rome fight since Romeo really has no wish to fight anyone Paris wants to arrest Romeo for killing Tybalt causing Juliet to die and grief
Although he has just fatally wounded Paris, what act of compassion does he perform for Paris He places Paris in the tomb beside Juliet
Who or what does the fryer say thwarted all his plans God or fate had ruined their plans
With everyone else dead and Juliet supposedly dead how does the fryer hope to resolve this mess He will find Juliet a convent of nuns
When she refuses to leave what does the fryer do He leaves without her
What does Juliet do She kisses Romeos lips hoping poison is still there to kill herself also
What has happened to Romeo’s mother She died from Romeos exile
The concluding line stayed a major theme in the play. State what three lines mean and how they reflect a theme in the play The death of Romeo and Juliet had brought peace to the family feud
Theme”I do protest i never injured thee” Poor communication
ThemeRomeo seeks revenge for mercutios death and kills tybalt Impulsive behavoir
Figurtive language”Toward phoelbus’ lodging! Such a wagoner as a phaĆ«ton would whip you to the west” Allusion
Figurtive language”Wolvish-ravening lamb!” Oxymoran
Banished is as bad as Killing 10,000 tybalts
Figurtive language”Than one word “banished” hath slain ten thousand tybalts” Hyporbale
Figurtive language”But I, amaid, die maiden widowed. Come, cords; come, nerse. Ill to my wedding bed; and death, not romeo, take my maidenhead!” Personification
Figurtive language”it was the lark, the herald of the morn; no Nightingale. Look, love, what a envious streaks do lace the servering clouds in yonder east. Nights candles are burnt out” Metaphor
Figurtive language”and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops” Personification
Rather than marry pairs juliet would rather: Be chained to a bearLocked in room with bonesWalk with snakesGrave and corps on top of herJump off tower
Those examples represent which type of Figurtive language Hyperbole
Figurtive language”Twixt my extreams and me this bloody knife shall play the empire” Metaphore
Figurtive language”Never was seen so black a day as this” Oxymoran
Figurtive language”Death is my son in law” Personification
Figurtive language”Death lies on her” Personification
Figurtive language”Dwath lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower off all the field” Simile
Figurtive language”Death ties up my tounge i cannot speak” Personification