Romeo and Juliet: Act 3

What are Benvolio and Mercutio doing before Tybalt comes up to them? Hanging out, trading insults, and mocking the Capulets
Who is Tybalt looking for? Romeo
Why is Tybalt looking for Romeo? He wants to get back at him for crashing the Capulet party
Who starts the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio? Tybalt
How does Benvolio react to the start of the fight? He warns them not to fight in public
Was Romeo married to Juliet already before the fight? Yes
Why doesn’t Romeo want to fight Tybalt? Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin
Why does Mercutio offer to fight Tybalt? He thinks Romeo not fighting is dishonorable
When does Tybalt stab Mercutio? When they’re being separated by Romeo
How does Mercutio react to his injury? He makes jokes
Does Romeo blame himself for Mercutio’s death? Yes
How does Romeo think his love for Juliet has effected his character? He thinks it has made him girly and weak
How does Romeo react to the death of Mercutio? He decides to be more manly and challenges Tybalt
Who tells Juliet that Tybalt was killed? Nurse
What does Juliet first think when the Nurse is babbling about Tybalt’s death? She thinks that Romeo was killed
How did Juliet react when she realizes that Romeo killed Tybalt? She cursed him
How did Juliet react when Nurse joined her in cursing Romeo? She becomes angry with the Nurse and says she can’t criticize her husband
When forced to choose between Romeo and Tybalt, who would Juliet choose? Romeo
What does Nurse promise to do when Juliet becomes worried that Romeo has been banished? Nurse goes to find Romeo so they can say goodbye and consummate their marriage before he leaves
Where did Romeo go after the fight with Tybalt? Friar Laurence’s cell
Does the Friar view banishment as a good or bad punishment? Good
What other punishment did Romeo compare banishment to? Death
When Nurse knocks on the door, who does Friar think it is? The Prince’s men
What does Romeo keep threatening to do out of guilt of hurting Juliet? Kill himself
What does Friar suggest they could do later after Romeo leaves? Figure out a way to get Romeo pardoned by the Prince so he can come back to Verona
Where is Romeo banished to? Mantua
Why was it important for Romeo and Juliet to consummate their marriage before he left? In the Catholic Church, Lord Capulet would be able to annul their marriage and marry Juliet off to Paris
How do Lord Capulet’s views about Juliet’s marriage to Paris change? Before he was going to let Juliet decide, but now he will make her marry Paris
What does Juliet do to try and make Romeo stay a little longer? She tried to convince him it was still night
How did Juliet fool Lady Capulet during their conversation about Tybalt and Romeo? Lady Capulet thought Juliet was crying over Tybalt, but she was really sad about Romeo
What does Lord Capulet do when Juliet refuses to marry Paris? He verbally abuses her and then threatens to throw her out on the street
What does Nurse advise Juliet to do? She points out that Paris is a better option, even if it means committing a sin by being married to two people
What does Juliet say she might as well do? Kill herself because it’s just as sinful as being married to two people
Who does Juliet go to for help? Friar