romeo and Juliet act 3

because he is married to Juliet and Juliet and tybalt are related why doesnt romeo wantto fight tybalt ?
tybalt who kills mercutio ?
romeo who kills tybalt ?
run away what does benvolio tell Romeo to do ?
he is exiled from Verona and if he is seen there he will be killed what is Romeos consequence for killing tybalt ?
she is saying that she wants the night to come so she can be with Romeo what is Juliet saying at the beginning of act 3 scene 2 ?
the nurse tells Juliet he is dead and Juliet thinks she is talking about Romeo and then Juliet thinks am the nurse is saying Romeo and tybalt are dead what is the confusion between the nurse and Juliet ?
that he bad disguised as good (snake disguised as a flower) but she can never stop loving him and not seeing him is worse then tybalt being dead what does Juliet say about Romeo after she finds out he killed tybalt ?
he says exile is worse then death what does Romeo think of his punishment ?
the nurse. she says that Juliet is very sad and won’t stop crying and wants to see Romeo who is knocking at the Friars door and what do they say ?
kill himself what does Romeo say he is going to do ?
he tells him he is acting ridiculous and he should just go and see Juliet what does friar Lawrence say to Romeo ?
on thursday when do capulet and lady capulet plan to have Juliet and Paris be married ?
because he thinks it’s too soon and doesn’t know if Paris is committed why doesn’t capulet wang to have the wedding earlier ?
a nightingale. a lark what does Juliet tell Romeo is the sound they heard as Romeo is leaving and what does Romeo say it is ?
it is very sad and loving at the same time what is Romeo and Juliets depart like ?
she thinks she’s crying about tybalt but she is crying about romeo what does lady capulet thing Juliet is crying over and what is she really crying over ?
she makes her think that she hates Romeos and will do whatever it takes to kill him what does Juliet make lady capulet think ?
she gets very upset and doesn’t want to marry him what is Juliets response to the marriage with Paris ?
he is very angry and says if she doesn’t go to the church herself he will drag her there or kick her out. he also says that he has worked very hard to find her a husband and Juliet is being ungrateful what is capulets response to Juliet ?
she says that Juliet should just forget about Romeo because he has been banished and marry Paris to make her father happy what does the nurse say to Juliet at the end of act 3 ?
they tell him he is being over dramatic and disrespectful what are the nurses and lady capulets responses to capulets reaction ?
she pretends to agree with the nurse and pretends to feel bad for making her father angry what does Juliet say to the nurse after the nurse tells her to marry Paris ?
she says that she is not a good friend and is disloyal to her what does Juliet say at the end of act 3 about the nurse ?