Romeo and Juliet Act 3

1 Why does Tybalt want to fight Romeo? He was angry that Romeo snuck into the Capulet’s party
1 Why won’t Romeo fight Tybalt Romeo and Tybalt are cousins nowRomeo patronizes him
1 How does Mercutio feel about the result of the fight? Why? He feels that their family feud is a result of his injury and deathHe blames Romeo because he stood in between him and Tybalt causing him to be stabbedIt is actually Mercutio’s fault because he got involved with the fight
1 What happend to Mercutio? He has been stabbed by TybaltHe is going to die and the worms are going to eat him
1 What is Romeo’s reaction to the tragic fight? Blames Juliet because being in love with her makes him weakBecause she is a capulet he didn’t want to fightHe wants to avenge the fight
1 What is Romeo’s punishment for his crime? He is exiled and banished to Mantua
2 Why is Juliet so impatient for the Nurse to return? She wants the rope ladder so her and Romeo can have their honey moon
2 What news does Juliet receive from the Nurse, about Romeo and Tybalt? Romeo killed TybaltWhen she was telling the story she made it sound like they both dies
2 How does Shakespeare convey Juliet’s rapidly changing attitudes toward Romeo in this scene? Uses and Oxymoronshe loves him for being her husbandhates him for killing her cousin
2 How does Juliet rationalize what has happened? Tybalt would have killed Romeo if he was still alive She threatens to kill her self
2 What does the Nurse promise to do? Bring Romeo to Juliet
3 What is Romeos reaction to the news of his banishment? He’d rather die than be banishedEither way he cant be with Juliet
3 How does Romeo show he is extremely passionate, impetuous nature? He is asking the Friar for poison or knife to kill himself
3 How does Friar Lawrence react to Romeo’s “insane” behavior? He lectures to him how he should be happy he has only been banished not killed for the crime he comitted
3 What is Romeo’s response to Friar Lawrence? He says that he cant lecture to him about love because hes never experienced love
3 Friars 3 arguments to prevent romeo from killing himself Tybalt was going to kill Romeo, but Romeo killed TybaltThe prince didn’t kill him he only banished himJuliet is still alive
3 Who do you think is right? Friar Lawrence
3 What is Friar Lawrence’s advise to Romeo? Go see Juliet at dawn then flee to Montua
4 what does lord capulet arrange? Arranges for Juliet and Paris to be married on Thursday?
4 Why does he arrange the marriage? He thinks Juliet is greiving her cousin Tybalts death and getting married will cheer her up
5 Explain the light and dark imagery Juliet says it is still night when she sees the nightingaleRomeo says that the bird is a lark representing dawnAs day breaks the happiness in there life will leave
5 Why does lady capulet think Juliet is crying She is sad about Tybalts death
5 How does lord Capulet react to Juliet’s refusal He is furious and threatens to disown her if she doesn’t obey
5 What is the Nurses advise to juliet Obey her father and marry paris
5 How does juliet use religion to lie says shes going to confesion but is actually going to see friar lawrence to come up with a plan to see romeo
5 How is romeo ravin lovestick lunatic Wants to commit suicide if she cant be with romeo