Romeo and Juliet (act 3)

Mercutio blames Romeo for getting in the middle of the fight, he also blames the feud and curses both houses Mercutio’s dying wishes
Tybalt killed Romeo’s best friend, Tybalt started the fight and by law had to be killed anyway Why does Romeo feel he must now fight Tybalt
To show how much she loves him and how hot she thinks he is What is the purpose of Juliet’s soliloquy
Juliet threatens to kill herself What is Juliets reaction to the news of Romeos’s banishment
She’s conflicted because she loves Romeo, but he killed cousin How do Juliet’s words reflect her divided feelings
Banished What word would Juliet like to forget but cannot
Romeo says he’d rather be dead than be apart from juliet Describe Romeos reaction to his banishment
Friar tells Romeo that if he kills himself he also kills his love, he needs to be a man, he needs to be thankful for what he has What advice does Friar give Romeo
Because Tybalt Died Why does Capulet think that Juliet is grieving
They told him he could marry Juliet on Thursday, at a small wedding What’s the Quick offer Capulet makes Paris
Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris, her parents don’t want her if she doesn’t marry him. Everyone turned against her. How does juliet get alienated from her family
Nurse thinks Juliet thinks she should be with Paris, she says Romeo will never find out. She thinks Nurse isn’t on her side Why can Juliet no longer confide in Nurse