Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Why is banishment worse than death according to Romeo? – he would rather be dead and without Juliet than know she is alive but always be away from her- he can never come back into the city of Verona
What plans does Capulet make with Paris? he makes arrangements with Paris for his wedding with Juliet
What “ill-divining” image does Juliet see in scene 5? a ghostly, pale Romeo in a tomb
What does Lady Capulet threaten to do to Romeo? – she threatens to send a man to Mantua to poison Romeo
What is the Nurse’s advice to Juliet? Why is this surprising? The Nurse’s advice to Juliet is to marry Paris. This is surprising because Juliet sees this as betrayal since the nurse helped her marry Romeo.
What does Romeo say about removing his name after the Nurse arrives? he says he wishes he could cut his name out of his body so it is no longer a part of him
Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt? he doesn’t want to get hurt or die before he is given the opportunity to be with Romeo again
Why does Mercurio stand up to fight Tybalt when Romeo won’t? he thinks Romeo was being weak
Why does Benvolio try to stop the fighting between Mercutio and Tybalt? – he wants to keep the peace so no one gets hurt – he doesn’t want anyone to have to face the death penalty
Who wants Romeo dead in scene 1? Lady Capulet
What is the Prince’s punishment for Romeo? Why is this surprising? – romeo punishment is he is banished from Verona- this is surprising because earlier the Prince said that if there was another fight between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s they would have to face the death penalty
Who is Tybalt looking for? Why has he come? – he is looking for Romeo- wants to challenge Romeo to a duel for being at the Capulet’s party
Why does Romeo suddenly want Tybalt dead? because he killed Mercutio
What does Mercutio mean by “a plaque o’ both your houses” ? he means he hopes both the Capulet’s and Montague’s become sick and die
Explain how Mercutio is stabbed – he is stabbed when he challenges Tybalt to a duel – Romeo attempt to intervene and when he does he holds Mercutio back and Tybalt stabs him
What does Juliet wish for at the beginning of Scene 2? she wishes for nightfall when Romeo is supposed to come to her room
What indication does Benvolio give that he feels trouble might be coming? he says it is a hot day
What does Juliet misunderstand when the Nurse finally arrives? Juliet thinks Romeo is dead rather than Tybalt because the nurse keeps talking about people being dead and seeing dead bodies
What does Juliet give to the Nurse to take to Romeo? gives the Nurse a ring to bring to Romeo
What has Juliet planned when she says “i’ll to my wedding-bed; / And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead!” she means she will kill herself if she can no longer be with Romeo (foreshadowing)
What comparison does Juliet make to the idea of Romeo being banished? if the news of Tybalt’s death had been followed by the news of the death of her parents
Give three reasons Romeo should be happy according to Friar Lawrence – Juliet is alive – Tybalt was going to kill him but instead he died – Romeo isn’t being killed like the Prince had originally said and instead being banished
Explain Friar Lawrence’s Plan 1. He has to spend the night with Juliet2. Romeo has to go to Mantua 3. Friar Lawrence announces the marriage at the right time- asks the Prince to Pardon Romeo and he can return happily 4. Everyone in Verona is happy and the feud has ended
At the beginning of scene 4 what day is it? Monday (day 3 of the play)
Why has Capulet suddenly changed his mind about Juliet getting married? he believes it will end her sadness
What is Romeo and Juliet’s argument about in the beginning of Scene 5? – it is about Juliet not wanting Romeo to leave – Romeo says he has to leave before he is caught or else he will be killed
What is Capulet’s response to Juliet’s refusal of marriage? – she is spoiled and ungrateful – her father told her he would drag her to the church if she refused to go – he would disown her if she refused marriage
What is Lady Capulet’s reaction to Juliet? she think Juliet doesn’t want to get married at the moment because she is grieving over Tybalt’s death
Where does Juliet say she is going at the end of scene 5? Why does she say she is going there? Why is Juliet really going? – she says she is going to see Friar Lawrence – she says she is going here because she wants to confess her treatment of her parents – she is really going to this place to see if Friar Lawrence has a solution to her problem
How does Mercutio make fun of Benvolio in scene 1? Give three examples of what Mercutio accuses Benvolio of? – says he is moody – mercutio is always fighting – mercutio is very violent – says he is the type of person who always gets into fight with everyone(reader knows this is not true because Mercutio is always the one trying to stop the fights)