Romeo and Juliet: Act 3

What causes the fatal sword fight between Mercutio and Tybalt in Scene 1? How is Mercutio killed? Romeo says he won’t fight Tybalt, so Mercutio fights Tybalt and as Romeo hold Mercutio back, Tybalt stabs him.
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt? Because Tybalt killed Mercutio
What has Prince Escalus declare after hearing about Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo? Romeo is banished to Mantua
Now the young lovers are in serious trouble. What does Juliet threaten in Scene 2, after hearing of Romeo’s banishment? To kill her self
What is the friar’s plan to help them in Scene 3? Give Juliet a sleeping potion, send a letter to Romeo telling him that Juliet is NOT dead but just looks dead and after she is buried in her family’s tomb, Romeo will find her and they will run away together to Mantua.
A new complication has arisen by the end of Scene 4. What plans have Juliet’s parents made for her? She is to marry Paris on Thursday (wedding later moves to Wednesday)
Romeo’s killing of Tybalt is a turning point in the play. What actions does the killing set in motion, with what possible tragic consequences? It is the start of Romeo and Juliet’s death
How does the nurse offend Juliet? How does this development add to the tragedy of the events that follow? By telling her 5at she should marry Paris, it makes Juliet want to run away with Romeo even more.
How have Romeo and Juliet, both dynamic characters, change during this act? What hard lessons have they learned about love? They probably realize that they shouldn’t have gotten married so soon
What do you think will happen in Act IV and V? Friar will try and help Romeo and Juliet find a way to be together