Romeo and Juliet: Act 3

Why does Benvolio want them to get off the streets at the beginning of the act? There are too many Capulets around, and he is scared the families will start fighting.
Mercutio gives a description of Benvolio that is not accurate. When he describes him as ______________ hot headed and always ready to fight
benvolio’s response to mercutio’s description of him was what? “If i were like you Mercutio, I would not live long”
Who does Tybalt want to fight? Who does he fight instead? RomeoHe fights Mercutio instead because mercutio believes he will die and he wants to protect Romeo
Who calls Romeo a villain? Tybalt
Who dies first in the feud? Tybalt kills Mercutio
who says “a plague a both your houses!” what does that mean mercutioHe is cursing the Montagues and the Capulets he has died because of their feud, and he hopes bad things happen to them
When mercutio died, Romeo, at first, refuses to fight Tybalt, why? Romeo considers him family, bc he is Juliet’s cousin, and Tybalt doesn’t know him and Juliet are married
When Romeo found out Mercutio has finally died, what does he do? he fights tybalt and kills him
Why did Romeo fight Tybalt? He feels he has to get revenge for Mercutio
Which character tells the Prince what actually happened? Benvolio
Who claims that Benvolio is lying to the Prince? Lady Capulet (Juliet’s mother) she doesn’t believe him because he is a Montgue
what does the Prince do to Romeo after the feud? The prince banishes Romeo from Verona, and if he comes back he will be killed if he is seen.
When Juliet first hears Romeo has killed Tybalt, what is her reaction? She is very angry at him and condemns his behavior, she believes he betrayed her, and that he tricked her
______________ is a combination of words that contradict each other oxymoron
2 examples of a oxymoron sweet sorrow beautiful tyrant honorable villain
after Juliet thought about the fight, she realized what? she can’t be mad at romeo, that if he wouldn’t have killed tybalt, he would have killed her husband.
after the banishment, where did Romeo go? to hide at Friar Lawrence’s
Juliet gives the nurse what to give to Romeo? her ring
Romeo tells the Friar that the banishment is what to him? that he might as well be dead if he can’t see Juliet
Who stops Romeo from stabbing himself (killing)? the nurse
Friar tells Romeo 3 reasons why he should be happy to be alive what are they? 1. Juliet is still alive, she is not dead2. It is good he killed Tybalt, because he would have been killed by him eventually 3. He received a sentence of banishment not death
what is the Friar’s Plan about the banishment? Romeo is going to Juliet’s to spend the night with her. He has to leave before dawn though. He is going to leave Verona and go to Mantua. He will wait there until the Friar sends word that it is okay for him to come back.
While Romeo is hiding, the Friar is going to do what? the Friar is going to go talk to the Prince and see if he will let him come back
Lord Capulet has changed his mind about what in Scene 4 He wants Juliet to get married to Paris on thursday instead of waiting for 2 years for them to get married.
It is a _____________ in the play and they will be getting married on _________ MondayThursday
who said “More light and light- more dark and dark our woes” and what does it mean Romeo said this to Juliet, it means that he has to leave in the morning (or when the light comes), and the more light they see, is more problems for them, and they will be separated
what are the 2 birds Shakespeare uses: a larka nightingale
Juliet doesn’t want to hear a lark because what: it symbolizes that morning is near
Juliet wants to hear a nightingale why: because it symbolizes night
What are the 2 things Juliet’s mother tells her? 1. To stop grieving over Tybalt2. She is marrying Paris on Thursday
Lady Capulet said she is planning to do what to romeo? she plans to have Romeo poisoned when he arrives in Mantua. She does not know that he was just in her house.
What town is Romeo heading to? Mantua
What does Lord Capulet (Juliet’s father) say to Juliet about the marriage? He threatens her that if she does not marry Paris, he will disown her and kick her out into the street.
Juliet said she will what if they make her marry Paris? She said she would kill herself
What does the nurse tell Juliet about the marriage and Romeo situation? She says that Juliet needs to forget about Romeo and that he is “dead” to her now, he is banished, and that she should move on and marry Paris
Juliet tells the nurse to tell her parents that she is going where? She said she is going to Friar Lawrence’s for confession, but she is going to ask him for advice on what to do next.
Juliet claims that if Friar Lawrence can’t help her, she she is ready to die, if he can’t help her