Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Summary

Act 2 scene 1 After the capulet a feast Romeo have his friends the slip. He jumps over the capulet a garden wall. Benvolio and mercutio try to find him thinking he’s gone back to rosaline.Mercutio and Benvolio give up and believe Romeo does not wish to be found.
Act 2 scene 2 Romeo sees Juliet at her window. Romeo marvels at her beauty and listens to her as she expresses her love for Romeo. When Romeo reveals himself and she tells him it’s dangerous to be there. He declares his love and Juliet thinks it’s too soon but goes on to marry Romeo. The nurse calls Juliet. Juliet will send a messenger and Romeo will visit the friar
Act 2 scene 3 Friar Laurence is gathering plants. And is supposed to see Romeo so early and even more supposed when he hears Romeo wishes to marry Juliet and how he got over rosaline. Friar nevertheless agrees to marry to stop the firs of families.
Act 2 scene 4 Benvolio and mercutio speak about tybalt as tybalt sent a letter to the montagues challenging Romeo to a duel. Mercutio believes that love sick Romeo can’t possibly fight and that tybalt is skilled. When Romeo arrives they engage in banter. When nurse comes and Romeo gives her the message of the marriage for Juliet. Nurse will make sure that Romeo had access to juliets room
Act 2 scene 5 Juliet thinking about why the nurse is taking so long. When nurse arrives she purposefully stalls telling Juliet what Romeo said talking about her tiredness. When nurse finally tells Juliet to go to friar Laurence to be married at noon Nurse get ladder for Juliet room for Romeo
Act 2 scene 6 Before marriage friar warns Romeo of the dangers of his love. When Juliet comes in it is clear to friar hoe much they live each other and advises them both to live moderately . Leads them off to be married