Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scenes 5 & 6

The Nurse is supposed to be gone only a half an hour, but how long is she actually gone for? 3 hours
How is the Nurse behaving that is frustrating to Juliet? Old, tired, out of breath, headache, backaches, etc. (Old people problems)
What does Friar Laurence mean when he says, “therefor love moderately; long love doth so”? Love each other in moderation, which is the key to a long lasting love.
What warning does Friar Laurence give to Romeo? Violent delights have violent endings. (foreshadowing)
“Love’s herald should be thoughts” love’s messengers should be fast like thoughts
What is Juliet complaining about? How slow the nurse is
shrift confession
ladder for? consimation of wedding
What does Juliet compare old folks to? Dead people
What does Juliet want the Nurse to do Tell her the news with a good face either way
imagery using words that appeal to the five senses
What does the Nurse complain about? how Juliet made her walk so far, and that her bones ache
Does the Nurse think Romeo is a good man yes
What does the Nurse tell Juliet to do? Go to Friar Lawrence’s cell where Romeo is waiting
what does Romeo say about the marrage he would give one minute with Juliet to have a life time of punishment.
elope to marry in secret
what is the love like fast and intense
confounds confused
pronoun in place of a noun
personal pronoun basic pronoun, me, my, theirs, you, yours, ects
demonstrative pronoun points out a specific noun, this that these those
relative pronoun connects clauses, who which that whom whose
interrogative pronouns begins a question, what which who whom whose – only
indefinite pronouns refer to nouns without specifying which ones. another, little, nothing, much, neither, all, each, anybody